Valentine's Day Cake Contest

gsa-25-gift-certificateAll registered members are encouraged to submit a photo of your best Valentine’s Day cake. All voting will be done by the site members and the 1st place winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Global Sugar Art

1st Place

Wedding Cake by Branka2008

2nd Place

Floating Hearts by sillyoldpoohbear

3rd Place

pink hearts by Liis

4th Place

Love is in the air by sugar_rush_cakes

5th Place

Valentine’s Day 2010 by ColeAlayne

6th Place

Valentine’s Cake by CAKELADYFL

47 Responses to “Valentine's Day Cake Contest”

  1. To answer your question… On the left side in the light blue section under INFO… OR At the top of this page where it says CAKE CONTEST in pink, directly above there are small tabs inside the dark purple part for rules and how to enter.

  2. I am guessing the last day for entry is the 16th. As I am an amerature I will be making the cake for valentines day itself, so it would be cool if I could submit the photo after then!

  3. I entered my cake – clicked on submit in the text at the top in the comp blurb. Assuming that is right as it didn’t say whether it had entered into it, just looked like a normal upload.

  4. Hello not what happens to the central web cake I have tried to put my photo valentine `s cake and not leaving. I do all the steps but nothing happens for nothing and I’m trying for two days. Will accept no more photo

  5. What happened to the hats off to all the cakes and the hard work you all put into them.

    I tried to send the upload ? on the 14th of February??????

    Well hats off your cakes were just wonderful such a joy to look at keep caking

  6. Was that a “Wedding Cake” contest? I’m confused. Shouldn’t we have some more specifications in the rules as the number or tiers for the cake? In my imagination the “Valentine Day” is a special day for two lovers so the cake should be reasonable in size. The winners’ cakes are gorgeous but they are wedding cakes. Anyhow, fun is all that matters and Congratulations!

  7. totally agree!!! Although very beautiful, all of them seem like wedding cakes, not Valentine’s, all of them are tiered cakes and three of them very much alike…so was this really a Valentine’s day contest?

  8. WOW.. very nice, but not what I was expecting. This was my first contect with cake central and was expecting then to look less like a wedding cake. ALTHOUGH they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!.. just not what I was expecting for a “Valentine’s Day” Contest. Do they expect more teared entrys for the Spring Contest too?

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