Owl Cake Contest 2012

Now that Jackie has dubbed 2012 the “year of the owl and the octopus“… let’s get things started with an “Owl” themed cake contest! Enter your best owl themed cake, cupcake, cake-pop or decorated cookie!

Owl Paper Favor Gift Boxes by BeautifulPaperCrafts

1st Place

Owl Always Love You by cake_whisperer

2nd Place

Stylized Owl by aperki21

3rd Place

Sculpted Owl Cake by cakebuds

4th Place

Snowy Owl Cake by rushing31

5th Place

Owl cake by mina77

6th Place

owl cake by Liis

46 Responses to “Owl Cake Contest 2012”

  1. I have had trouble also in the past uploading pice, it says I’m only allowed 1 entry even though I havent enterd any thing yet, I would like to make a cake specifically for this contest but would hate to run into the same problem after doing all the work

  2. I have not been helped with my photo. What really gets me mad is there are cakes posted with no Owl theme at all. I am very disappointed. I love this site. Please help me
    upload my photo. Does noone look at these comments??

  3. I just uploaded a photo with no problems. I did not use the link above, I uploaded the photo the normal way, then selected the contest name as the catagory.
    I hope that helps you get your photos posted.

  4. Everyones owl cake entry doesnt show how many people viewed or how many people added them as favorites, mine does, well did because i removed it. I would like to upload it again but im afraid its gonna do the same, any advice

  5. Hi everyone! Try another internet browser other than Firefox, because it changed the uploading problem for me :) And voting doesnt start until Feb 28th ;) Good luck to everyone, there are so many beautiful owl cakes!

  6. @miri35 – I guess the reason why you could see how many people have viewed YOUR owl entry is that you were still logged IN. When you’re logged OUT it shouldn’t display it for you either. So don’t let yourself be irritated and enter your cake again. Good luck!

  7. Trammie, what Internet browser did you finally use? Also, if it didn’t work your first time were you allowed to finish your entry? My first time. I have worked hard on these and want to actually get the entry in!

  8. I think it’s really a shame that I dind’t receive my certificate nor gift voucher from the Holiday Cake Contest 2011. I’ve send you several emails but don’t get any reply from you.
    I do know that I’m not the only one and that other cake contest winners didn’t receive their giftvoucher either.
    I must say again that it was a great honer for me to win the first place among all the participants. And I thank once again all the people who voted for my cake!!

  9. Ditto Madamegateau. Have never received anything. My daughter was terribly disappointed not to receive the book. Sure, it’s not a tragedy but explain something like that to a small child. She also loves cakes and this site. And it would be great to have a certificate, just because.

  10. It is a shame that cake central doesn’t give the prize to the winner of a contest that they promised. It is an honor to win, and be voted there by other cake decorators for sure, and we don’t enter contests for the money or certificates. But if a prize is promised, the prize should be given.

  11. I, too, am unable to upload my picture. I have tried using firefox and internet explorer but to no avail. It stayed at 10% for over 40 minutes. This is so disappointing, I actually have a cake for the theme! :( Please help!

  12. Today is February 27, 2012, the deadline for entering cakes in the owl contest. I worked very hard on my cake and cannot upload it. This is very upsetting to me!

  13. I am extremely disappointed with this website. It’s the first contest I’ve entered, I posted my pics the very 1st day, and today I’m looking for my entry and it is NOWHERE to be found. REALLY??? Not cool! I had no problems uploading either!!! Not happy at all! :0(

  14. I have to throw in my two cents – I too never received the gift certificate or certificate for winning the Angry Birds cake contest. No responses have been received when I inquired about them. Come on cakecentral, please honor your own contests…

  15. For those of you that have not received your prizes, please make sure you check your junk email, and set your filters to allow mail from cakecentral.com! We send prizes and certificates every time there is a contest. Almost all gift certs are digital and emailed. Books are sent via US postal mail, and if returned as undeliverable, we reach out to you via email.
    The award certificates are also sent via US postal mail (no delivery confirmation or tracking)

  16. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never received any e-mail containing award certificate or regarding undeliverable item. No filters for CC e-mails, I always receive topic notifications, CC newsletters etc., no junk mail either. I’ve bought the book that was supposed to be the prize at e-bay.com, as I didn’t want to disappoint my daughter and keep the promise I gave her. It’s not autographed but she doesn’t mind. I told her we received it from CC as she originally thought. Never mind though, it’s not so important to me personally. Just sad. Anyway, this is a great and so useful site (and lovely people too), I really love it.

  17. I did receive your email wher you ask me to send my adress etc, I answered it twice, but no answer back, I do receive all the emails from CC, notifications, newsletters etc.
    So I’m sure that it didn’t and up in my junkmail….

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