Octopus Cake Contest

Now that Jackie has dubbed 2012 the “year of the owl and the octopus“…it’s now time for our  “OCTOPUS” themed cake contest! Enter your best octopus themed cake, cupcake, cake-pop or decorated cookie!


1st Place

Davy Jones Cake by ohnoono

2nd Place

“SUSHI” the Octopus cake by bugalou

3rd Place

Octopus Cake by Avaie

4th Place

Steampunk Pirate by emilsmee

5th Place

Lottie’s Octopus by Miniminipop

6th Place

Octopus wedding cake by RejectedSeoul

25 Responses to “Octopus Cake Contest”

  1. Tried to up load my entry for the Octopus Contest. Kraken Rum Cake.
    Just froze. Now, I think the photo went to wrong place and not to contest.
    If you can tell me how to straighten this out, I will re submit. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. When I selected “Submit”I got the message “sorry, web page not found”. Then I tried to submit again and I got the message “Sorry you can only submit one entry”. How do I know if my cake was submitted?

  3. Congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions. Davy Jones is a spitting image from the movie..well done! I’m surprised “Steampunk Pirate didn’t get 1st place or “tie” for 1st. Yes, it was an “octopus” cake contest and “yes” their octopus was rather small…but my goodness..the originality, creativity and artistry are superb!

  4. oh…and in addition to my comments above…7th place “out of the depths” deserved higher placing as well…icing lover that I am…this was just brilliant!

  5. to the 1st place winner, fantasic job. Is the octupus fondant or cake. Would love to try to dulicate your cake. Can you give some instructions on how you did the octupus.

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