Fairies and Dragons Cake Contest

gsa-25-gift-certificateAll registered members are encouraged to submit a photo of your best “Fairies and Dragons” cake. All voting will be done by the site members and the 1st place winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Global Sugar Art

Feel free to enter a cake with just fairies, just dragons, or both!

1st Place

Protector of the Flame by Bry-ice

2nd Place

Blue Dragon Cake by chyana66

3rd Place

Dragon Cake by Jennifair

4th Place

Dragon by cakelady77

5th Place

Dungeons & Dragons Cake by emilsmee

6th Place

Enchanted fairy forest by kello

118 Responses to “Fairies and Dragons Cake Contest”

  1. Under acceptable entries it says to please upload only 1 photo, but when you look at some of the entries you see multiple photos of the same cake, so am not sure. CC disables the comment and showing of the name section so they may disable the extra photos during voting. Im a new member so this is my first contest but will only be putting up 1 pic just in case.

  2. Unless someone says that more than 1 pic is ok. then i’ll add more pics.The entries so far are sooo cute creative and awesome, its kinda intimadating.Can’t wait to see whats put up between now and the 8th.

  3. I am looking at photos and all I see are either dragons or fairies but not a cake that has both. Can you do either/or? Or should it be of both dragons and fairies?

  4. If its not for a customer i say let your freak flag fly and make whatever YOUR in the mood for. Have fun and according to the rules either OR both would be ok.

  5. having trouble w/ filters, I started voting and when i came back (2 days later) clicked on show only unrated pics but i keep getting ones i have voted on and from thumbnails i have a hard time picking out the ones i have not voted on.also the pics have randomized(which is good) So that i can not just remember where i left off. want to be fair and at least see all entries. any advice?

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