Angry Birds Cake Contest

Win an $25 gift certificate to by entering your “Angry Birds” themes sweet treats

For this contest we are allowing cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops to be entered!

 Angry Birds is a Trademark of Rovio Mobile LTD.
Cake Central is in no way affiliated with Rovio

1st Place

Angry Birds cake by LSYFinlay

2nd Place

Angry Birds Competition Entry by Decorada

3rd Place

Four Levels of Angry Birds Cake by JoyBells21

4th Place

Angry Birds by steffla

5th Place

ANGRY BIRDS CAKE by sugar_rush_cakes

6th Place

Angry Birds/ Rio Cake by SweetBeas

83 Responses to “Angry Birds Cake Contest”

  1. As I understood it from the past, we were allowed to enter cakes we already had in our gallery. Rather than upload a new picture (which I don’t think they want since then they’ll have a bunch of duplicate pictures) I changed my cake category to the contest forum, but it still hasn’t shown up. Is there something else I need to do?

  2. Is there anyway to edit the description of the cake uploaded for the contest? I would really like to change mine + there are some very embarrasing misspeled words :( Thank you!

  3. Oh man..ur kidding! I am doing my first angry birds cake on the 18th…four days after the deadline…that sucks! Oh well, these contests always seem to fall like that for me…BUMMER!

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