Pink Umbrella Inspiration Challenge


Be inspired by ruffles, ribbons, flowers and stripes for our latest Inspiration Challenge! Celebrate Spring showers with a fresh pop of pink. Entering is easy— simply add photos of your treats to the Pink Umbrella Inspiration Challenge album before March 23rd. On March 26th, we’ll reveal the winner of the contest. The chosen treats will even appear in an […]

New Inspiration Challenge: Clocks


Be inspired by the craftsmanship and machinery of clocks for our latest Inspiration Challenge! From Roman numerals to golden chains and even elegant scrolls, the options are endless for cookies, cupcakes and other sweet creations! Entering is easy— simply add photos of your treats to the Clocks Inspiration Challenge album before January 12th. On January 14th, we’ll reveal […]

Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenge Ending Soon!

Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenge

Autumn is the perfect time of year to appreciate the warm coziness of home, whether that means enjoying a hot cup of apple cider or cozying up under a homemade quilt. Inspired by beautiful harvest colors and the timeless art of quilting, this contest offers inspiration for Thanksgiving treats while giving you a chance to […]

Icing Images Sweet Accents Cake Contest Winner!

Sixinarow - Shannon Bond - The Crumb Coat Bakery

Congratulations, sixinarow! The votes are in! Shannon Bond (sixinarow) of  The Crumb Coat Bakery’s white and gold wedding cake was the top pick of the Cake Central community and the winner of the Icing Images Sweet Accents Cake Contest! Shannon’s lovely creation shows how the Sweet Accents machine from Icing Images adds the perfect final touch! As the winning […]

Little Red Riding Hood Inspiration Challenge Winner!


We were so impressed with all of the  submissions to our Little Red Riding Hood Inspiration Challenge, ranging from vintage and sweet to spooky and fun! And the winner is…   Congratulations to Inspiration Challenge winner Kristen Orth (KO-sCakes)! We love how she perfectly incorporated the elements of our inspiration board, showcasing her talent for hand […]

Squirrels & Acorns Inspiration Challenge Winner

Squirrel & Acorn Inspiration Challenge Winner

We were so impressed with the cute autumn-inspired submissions to our Squirrels & Acorn Inspiration Challenge!  And the winner is… Congratulations to inspiration challenge winner Rodica Vremescu! We love how she chose to create five cupcakes with different designs, all inspired by autumn, sweet little squirrels and acorns. From fondant accents to hand painting, Rodica really captured […]

Icing Images Sweet Accents Cake Contest


Show your support for your fellow CCrs by voting for the best cake in the Icing Images Sweet Accents Cake Contest, hosted by Cake Central! Jackie hand selected innovative decorators to create cakes using the exciting new Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ Cake Designing Machine exclusively available at These cake decorators have all put their skills […]

Pen Pals Inspiration Challenge Winner

pen pals winner

We were so impressed with the vintage-inspired submissions to our Pen Pals Inspiration Challenge! In fact, we had such a hard time choosing a winner that we decided to award an honorable mention as well! And the winner is… Congratulations to challenge winner bohemia for these precious cupcakes. Her antique technique is expertly done, and her incorporation of […]

Lucks Carnival Creation Contest Winners!

Lucks Carnival Contest Winner

Congratulations, BiteMeBakeryUK! With over 100 amazing entries, we knew the process of selecting one winner would be a challenge for Lucks! In the end, the creativity and originality of BiteMeBakeryUK’s Carnival and Vintage Fairground cake stood out above the rest. Congratulations to BiteMeBakeryUK, whose colorful cocoa butter paintings captured the theme perfectly. As the winning entry […]

Pen Pals Inspiration Challenge


Travel back to yesteryear and remember the forgotten artistry of the handwritten letter with our Pen Pals Inspiration Challenge. This is a Sweet Treats challenge, so any and all dessert ideas are fair game. Grab a (food-safe) calligraphy pen and go wild! Entering is easy— simply add photos of your treats to Cake Central’s Sweet […]

Argyle Inspiration Challenge Winner


We received some amazing submissions to our Argyle Inspiration Challenge; all of the argyle-inspired cookie, cake and cupcake entries were absolutely awesome. Congratulations to CC user nivia91— your delicate, elegant cupcakes are the winner of our Argyle Inspiration Challenge! CC user nivia91 drew inspiration from the color palette and designs of the photos provided in the Pinterest inspiration board, creating […]