What’s Your Favorite Cake TV show and Why?

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When it comes to baking and decorating, what’s your favorite TV show and why? Whether you can’t get enough of the reality show drama or you get a kick out of cake execution, we know you have your favorite cake shows. We want to know what you’re watching– and why! From current shows to classic reruns, tell us about […]

Who Is Your Cake Superhero?


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cake maker! We all have our superheros. Some are from comic books, some are from our real lives, but no matter who they are—we can’t help but admire them. We love their style, their accomplishments, and their attitude— and while we’d love to be just like them, […]

What should every bride know?

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We are all guilty of it. Behind our calm, cool, and collected happy-go-lucky cake maker demeanour, there’s a voice just dying to yell at some of the brides we come across. Sometimes the customer is not always right, and there’s a number of things you’d love to kindly instruct your brides on. For this month’s […]

Confession Time! Calling all cake makers that don’t like cake!

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  We know at times you feel ashamed, and we know that sometimes you hide in the corner when everyone rants and raves about how yummy cake is. But fear not! We want to hear from all of you who would prefer another dessert instead of cake. So what if you prefer baking and decorating […]

What’s the best cupcake you’ve ever had?

best cupcake

It’s fairly safe to say that just about everyone loves cupcakes. They’re cute, they’re small, and they can take on just about every flavor variation there is. In the past few years, cupcakes have left the safety of birthday parties and potluck dinners and exploded as a worldwide phenomenon. Today, they are still one hot […]

When you were a child, what was your dream cake?

what was your dream cake? cake central magazine

Take a quick trip down memory lane. It’s a week away from your birthday, and your mom or dad asks what kind of cake you would like. A swarm of possibilities floods your brain, as your imagination runs wild with all the cake potential. Would it feature a favorite movie character? TV show? Sport? Or […]