Celebrate Halloween Karen Portaleo Style!

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Known for her impressive cake sculpting and modeling chocolate work, Karen Portaleo has wowed Food Network judges and fellow decorators alike since she began competing in Food Network Challenge competitions in 2010. Karen’s work shines especially brightly in the spooky Halloween season, which is why we chose to feature her in the October 2013 issue of Cake […]

Cakemaker Highlight: Angela Tran


For this week’s Cakemaker Highlight, we’re recognizing Angela Tran of Fountain Valley, CA, US, whose beautiful Beatrix Potter-inspired baby shower cake was featured in our June 2013 issue. Angela’s creations have appeared in Cake Central.com’s “Top Cakes” lists numerous times, and she is a committed member of the Cake Central community. Angela loves the challenge […]

Cake Decorator Highlight: Monica de Rumbea


Cake decorator Monica de Rumbea went above and beyond for our Bollywood photo spread in the May issue of Cake Central Magazine and created a whole dessert table with three cakes, cookies and mini cakes. Monica, whose business is based out of Guayaquil, Ecuador, took the time to tells us about her decorating background. “I […]

Cake Decorator Highlight: Wendy McGowan

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e love talking to the talented cake-makers who contribute to Cake Central Magazine. They come from diverse backgrounds, and hearing how they got started in cake decorating always inspires us. We wanted to share their backgrounds with you, and we’re starting with Wendy McGowan (wendywoo), one of the many creative decorators who made stunning jewel-toned […]