Top 7 Cake Movie Moments


From the enchanted world of Harry Potter to Truvy Jones’ wacky southern salon, cake has made an appearance in some of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes. Though it may not always look tasty, it’s always memorable. Here’s our list of the most unforgettable cake movie moments. Matilda (1996): Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake In this scene from […]

Multi-Dimensional Sugarwork

Sweet On You

Multi-dimensional sugarwork, commonly referred to as MDSW, is the technique in which a design is created using two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques, where a 3-D design serves as an extension of a 2-D element. See below for examples of multi-dimensional sugarwork. Anna Craig – craigas Sweet On You Cakes Photo by: As featured in on […]

2012 – The Year of the Owl and the Octopus


2012, I dub thee,  ”year of the owl and octopus” What do Strigiformes have to do with  cephalopods? Well, practically nothing in the animal kingdom, but in the cake world.. everything! As the spring season closes in on us, don’t be surprised if you start getting requests for cakes in the “owl” or “octopus” theme, particularly for […]