CakeCentral Magazine is Coming 2010!


CakeCentral Magazine’s First Issue arrives March 2010

Cake Makers, Foodies, and Cake Enthusiasts alike have been waiting for a first-class cake decorating magazine and that wait is over. Cake Central’s Glossy Printed Magazine is coming in March and currently taking subscription orders.

The cost of the magazine is only $60/year with FREE shipping within the USA. This is a monthly magazine that will be mailed 10 times per year. 2 months of the year will feature our special Double issue, so that means your subscription price is only $5 per magazine

Right Now the magazine is only available in the USA however we will be adding worldwide circulation in the coming weeks so enter your information here to get an instant notification when it will be available in your country.

The pages of Cake Central the Magazine will feature:

  • high quality cake pictures
  • up-and-coming and celebrity cake decorators
  • recipes
  • tutorials
  • product reviews
  • and more for the novice
  • and the professional cake decorator.

This premium publication is ideal for anyone who bakes, makes cakes, aspires to make cakes, watches cake decorating shows, or has an interest in beautiful food

A very heartfelt “Thank You” to every one of you that participated in our initial interest survey, we have been overwhelmed by your outpouring of generous information and positive feedback.


36 Responses to “CakeCentral Magazine is Coming 2010!”

  1. I’m sad……wish we could subscribe in Canada…was really looking forward to this. Is there any way this could be published online where subscription costs would be the same regardless of where one is located? Just a thought. Hate to be left out….if the magazine is anywhere close to being as quality as the CC site, it will be awesome! Good luck with the publication….I look forward to being able to subscribe one day!

  2. Can hardly wait for the first issue! So glad this is going to get published! Thank you for such a great website! I’ve never failed to get an answer for any question I’ve posted. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. So does this mean that you will be featuring CakeCentral members in your magazine? I ask because there are SO many talented cake artists here on CC! I am honestly a bit tired of seeing the SAME DECORATORS on all the cakes shows, all the mags, ets. In my opintion, I would LOVE to see some of those precious few whose designs inspire all of us here on CC and who rarely get credit for their work. You have created the most unfluential cake website… PERIOD… and I am just so thrilled to see what your magazine will contribute to the world of Sugar Art!!! (P.S.- Santa knows he is NOT allowed to shimmy down my chimney without a CC magazine subscription in his sack!) Thank you for all you do! Much love! Breanna

  4. I ordered my subscription, but did not get a confirmation it was received. How will I know I will be getting one?

  5. I’m excited about your new magazine!! Could you give us a rundown of what articles and information you will be featuring? I currently subscribe to American Cake Decorating and am excited to get another publication about CAKES!!!

  6. I’m so excited! I can’t wait! Please keep the website too though. I’m so addicted to this website, it’s awesome. Look forward to the magazine. I want my own bakery one day and hope this magazine will have plenty of advice. Thank you for making this possible! Yay!

  7. If it’s not going to Canada, I’m sure it’s not coming all the way to South America anytime soon… :( I’m in Perú. I’ll just have to wait until you guys start shipping international. Maybe you should do an article about cake decorators around the world :) . I’m sure the magazine will be great, I’ll try get a copy sent to me. Cheers!

  8. Personally, I think $60 is ridiculous for a magazine subscription. I would love to subscribe but I can’t see spending that kind of money on a magazine.

  9. thin4life you are absolutely right!
    I just got the email for a worldwide subscription that says is $50. But when I go in the subscription part they are charging me $60 for a worldwide. When I go to put my country (Peru) for shipping, they charge me $110 !!!! I don’t think so…I’ll pass too.

  10. We understand why you may feel the cost for international is high, however, we are not marking up shipping at all, in fact we are still absorbing part of that cost.

    Since we provide shipping for free to US customers, we deducted that cost from what international shipping cost us. Unfortunately we have no control over the cost the postal service is charging us to send it overseas, and we do not have any international distributors carrying it yet.

    As for the price of $60 for a subscription, that works out to a whopping $5 a month, or $6 per issue. Either way you look at it, I certainly hope you are getting at least $6 of value out of the product or there is no point in even printing it.

    No one is price gouging, try to remember, we are not Time Magazine, we do not have a multi-million dollar budget or a million person subscriber list to spread the costs across. We are charging the least amount of money we can charge and still put out a quality product.

    If you are uncomfortable subscribing, you can always wait to buy the first issue from a retailer and see if the quality justifies the subscription.

  11. I also find the price a bit overwhelming ($90 in Canada) and am hesitant at paying that much for a new publication I have never seen.
    Do you know what retailers are selling it yet?

  12. Crumbcake I ordered my subscription also and have not received any confirmation yet, we will continue waiting

  13. I would love to subscribe but $60.00 up front is a lot in this economy. I guess I will wait and check it out at the retailer. Maybe if they had two or three monthly payments that would help alot of people.

  14. Excellent idea…. It will make a great learning tool and idea booster!
    I’ll be watching the mail box . I am looking forward to seeing it.

  15. Five dollars a magazine is actually right in the ballpark at the newsstands…true, usually you can get a lower price with the subscription, but maybe when it is first getting going there is start-up to consider :o )
    I can’t wait! When does it arrive!

  16. I’d like to preview a copy befor I commit to dishing out $60.00 Dollars a year for this magazine- Tough economy incase u did not notice? Is there any way we can geta preview of this magazine???

  17. I’m there with the price being hard to manage, especially with no preview. Can it be paid in installments? Wish I could get money back from another “cake magazine”, …… names, I’ve received ONE issue from :-(
    what stores (Atlanta, Ga) can I preview/buy?

  18. I think $5 to $6 is OK not cheap BUT not to expensive. I know with any hobbie(baking,scrap booking )to name a few it can get costly. How much even in this economy do we just blow on nonsence ? If your into cakes $50 is less then a set of pans! If this magazine is half of what the website is I think it is worth it. Specially if your in the cake buisness ONE cake can more than pay off a whole years subscription . I say to people “just keep things in perspective if you can do it then do it ,if you can’t then don’t but I love that there is an option for everyone”

  19. Nope Sorry, i wont be one of the people subscribing to this magazine, O please Sixty Dollars! to much for a year’s subscription.

  20. very upset i order my on 2\8\10 thay sent me e-mail saying it was ship i tracked it thay said it was delivered 2 weeks ago but i never received it i sent an e-mail and i have not received a response dont know what to do now does anyone have any ideal on what i should do

  21. Well, I am one of the people who paid $60.00 for the magazine. I received The first issue last week and really was a little disappointed, I thought that there would be ideas and lessons, but there was only pictures and information on Kerry and the Jackie. There was recipes, but nothing I would try. I am hoping the next issue will be better.
    I am glad that I did scrape the money together for it. This is my favorite hobby

  22. I received my first issue of the magazine and love the pictures of the cakes by these talented cake artists. Great ideas! I like the dessert ideas and the info on Kerry and Jackie. The article on taking better pictures is invaluable. My only criticism is that I think there should be more info on some of the techniques these artists use. Not covering every cake but maybe picking 1 or 2 cakes and talking about the inspiration the problems they had to face constructing the cake the special techniques used. The Pink Cake Box cake as an example…how to seperate the cake to give the illusion of the cake almost floating. Love the mag and hope it gets better and better with time.