Cake Cruise 2009


7 days with Colette Peters, Norman Davis, Zane Beg, Susan Carberry and me!

CakeCruise 2009 will be a 7 day round trip from San Diego, CA departing on Dec 05, 2009 for a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise.

This cruise will visit Mazatlan,Peurto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas aboard Holland America’s ms Oosterdam

Colette Peters Susan Carberry Norman Davis & Zane Beg

Jackie Shaffer of

Visit the Cake Cruise Presentations page to learn more about the presenters and classes schedule, the presentations will be MC’d by yours truly!

I will also be attending the group dinners so we can really get to know each other in person.

RESERVATIONS ARE OPEN still has available a selection of great staterooms and suites ready for booking. CakeCruise is also able to offer payment plans for those who do not wish to make the final payment as a lump sum in September.

Cake Cruise Brochure 2009

I have already booked my reservation! I hope to see you there!

Find out more by visiting

11 Responses to “Cake Cruise 2009”

  1. Hi Jackie, I love Cake Central I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from this site. I also would love to join you on your cake cruise, but I’m afraid that I wont be able to go this time. Do you ever go on a cruise on the eastcoast. I live in Vermont and it would be so much easier if you were to have a cruise on the eastcoast. Do you by any chance no where your cruise will be headed next year. I am going to start saving up. Do you always go the first part of December? Can’t wait to hear back from you. Again thanks for the wonderful cake site.

  2. I have never been on this Cake cruise before. Is there anything I need to bring with me for the classes…like apron supplies of any kind??? Thanks for any information that may be helpful. Getting excited!!

  3. Hi!
    It was great meeting you on the cake cruise – I had a fantastic time there – looking forward to next year’s cruise – until then I’ll be visiting this site much more often!

    Jennifer Charron

  4. Jackie, it was great meeting you on the Cake Cruise! Had an awesome time. Thanks to Susan Carberry, Colette Peters, Norman Davis and Zane Beg for the fantastic classes. I learned a lot and wish I could go on the next cruise to Alaska.

  5. More info on the cake cruise please!!! I’m new to this and I’m so fasinated and excited!!! I also do diaper and towel cakes, wish there was an online site for that as well….maybe I should start my own!