Cake Central Staff Paintings by

A HUGE Shout out to Jessie Oleson at for her amazing Cake Central paintings for the staff!

Here is her post:
So, if you are an avid cake-baker, chances are you’ve heard of a little publication and website called Cake Central.

Wait, who are we kidding–of course you have! It’s like, kind of a big deal in the cake world. And not only have I had the good fortune to have been featured in their magazine–but now I have the extreme pleasure of saying that I have supplied artwork for the offices of several staffers!

Yup: I was commissioned to do custom artwork for several of the Cake Central employees–for each employee, I was given a brief description and full creative license to create a unique piece for each.

I did one for Jackie, the editor, who loves all things girly (shown top);

one for Leanne, cake maker and decorator extraordinaire;

one for Heath, avid follower of baseball and lover of all things Tiki;

Plus lots more.. visit to see the rest and even more amazing Cake Spy Art!

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  1. Yes, we need more cake stuff on T’s. I proudly have my licence plate on from here. I would love one that says” Delivering Cake” or “Cake on Board”