Cake Central Magazine September 2010 Preview

The Magazine Preview is Here! Cake Central Magazine September 2010:

  • 50+ Gorgeous Cakes
  • Cake Opera Co. standing ovation
  • Autumn Means… falling leaves, preppy prints, & caramel!
  • TUTORIAL: Succulent succulents
  • HOW TO: designer cookies

Cover cake by Cake Opera Co. in Toronto, ON, Canada

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55 Responses to “Cake Central Magazine September 2010 Preview”

  1. I enjoy most of the pictures but my concern is photo submission. I read by TheSweetestThingCS and Cakesalot13 that they were contacted by the magazine to create a cake. But my question is why are certain people being contacted? How do you submit a photo for the mag if you don’t know the theme? I have read, read, read and can’t find an answer to that. Am I obtuse? I also agree with MontrealConfections about wanting to see professional cakes. I like to strive to go beyond my boundaries but it would be nice to see more tutorials. By the way, MontrealConfections, your cookies are unreal. I don’t know how you have the patience!

  2. I am also upset that it is Oct. 28th and I do not have my October issue. I was hoping to make the pumpkin cake recipe mentioned in the last issue for Halloween. I am torn about renewing, if my magazines came regularly I would do it in a heartbeat…….love the magazine but get tired of waiting and wondering if it is going to get here or if something happened to it.