Cake Central Magazine – June 2010 Preview

The Magazine Preview is Here! Cake Central Magazine June 2010:

  • Jacques Fine European Pastries
    An inside look at New Hampshire’s premier cake bakery
  • Summer Wedding:  colorful cakes with flowers and birdhouses
  • Edna De la Cruz’s Buttercream Pleats
  • Tie the Knot: frosting knotted to perfection
  • Tasty Bridal Shower Bites

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In order to receive this issue as part of your subscription, you will need to have your order placed BEFORE 6am PST Monday, May 3rd 2010

67 Responses to “Cake Central Magazine – June 2010 Preview”

  1. I got my second magazine yesterday, I think the picture Are great very beautiful cakes!!! But it’s all about pictures … We can see pictures online , we need more TUTORIALS that was the main reason I ordered the magazine. Well let’s see if they do better with time. :(

  2. I really enjoy the magazine, but as some people already said, I would relly enjoy having more how to’s and tutorials, step by step’s. Martatru said it perfectly, I can look online at these pictures, even though they are beautiful. Just more articles in general would be nice… Eventhough it is the fifth of the month and I still haven’t recieved my issue….I’m sure it will be great!

  3. I recieved this copy as my first copy and I was impressed with the photos but wished there were more articles and how to’s. It seems to be more of a picture gallery than anything.

  4. So….at what point do we consider our June issue lost? It looks like some people got their issue 15 days ago. Maybe I’m just skittish because my April/May issue never arrived, and I had to let Heath know (it then arrived in a few days!)

  5. I totally agree, I to would like to see step by steps in these books. That is what was said that these books would be having! I will not be purchasing these books any more if they continue the same.

  6. Does anyone know if this magazine is available to purchase in Canada and if so where?. I know it’s available from Global Sugar Art but I would like to buy it in Canada if possible.

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  8. Hi everyone,
    I subscribe to this magazine back in June. I havent gotten one copy in the mail and cutomer service has not responded to any of my several emails!! What is going on with them? Please someone help!

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  10. as of today 10/18/10 I haven’t rec’d my copy of october’s issue. why does it take so long? I usually get it by the 15th, which is still late. thanks for your feedback. BTW, the magazine is very good, just wished more tutorials instead of so many cake pictures.

  11. Oct 26 still no magazine. If I delivered cakes like that I’d have no need of a cake magazine. BAD BUSINESS PEOPLE. Not pore customer service, more like NO customer service.