Cake Central Magazine July 2010 Preview

The Magazine Preview is Here! Cake Central Magazine July 2010:

  • Arrange Flowers on Your Cake
    with tips from James Rosselle
    Beautiful tattoo inspired cakes from The People’s Cake, Bleeding Heart Bakery and more!
  • CALLING ALL LUSTER DUST ADDICTS: You will love this tool!

Cover cake by Kaysie Lackey at The People’s Cake in Seattle, WA USA

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In order to receive this issue as part of your subscription, you will need to have your order placed BEFORE 6am PST Monday, June 8th 2010

49 Responses to “Cake Central Magazine July 2010 Preview”

  1. What of us that have still not received the June issue? Now we get a preview of the July issue as well as a preview of the June issue that still has not been delivered? The June issue has been up for preview for some time. its also been delivered to many subscribers, but not to all subscribers. I think its a bit unfair that we who don’t have the June issue, are now seeing a preview of the next months issue. It just adds to the overall frustration. I also think its quite unfair that some of the cakes that were featured in the past two issues were posted on CC shortly after the magazine had begun reaching subscribers. I realize if one has ones cake featured its very exciting, and one would love to show everyone else that their lovely cake had be featured. But, out of fairness for all subscribers, there should be a time limit, perhaps 3 months, before a featured cake can be posted. if there is no time limit, then whats the point of paying for a subscription? One can simply view the featured cakes or cupcakes right here in the gallery for free.

  2. Please make this awesome magazine available to overseas subscribers. I live in Australia and would desperately love to get my hands on a copy.

  3. Chef Kaysie, you da bomb yo! lol I saw this cake in progress, it was amazing to see it in the making. =)

  4. Hi there this is great we donot get this magazine in nz how can i get the magazine i soo would love a copy plz thank you

  5. Pls make arrangements to provide the magazine in africa, i stay in zimbabwe but if its at least provided in south africa then we’ll make plans to get it from there. great cakes featured

  6. are there going to be more tutorials in this or upcoming issues? i loved the ‘how to’ cupcake article and what to do with the leftover lemon curd. the pictures are great but id like to read more articles on cool tools, “how to”, and different ways of using dessert items! great magazine!!! can’t wait for the next one

  7. Oh, I know I’m going to LOVE this issue!!!! The three things (besides my family) that own my heart are tattoos, cake, and orchids. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  8. I would like to subscribe but I missed the deadline for this issue which was the eight. Is there a way that I can still get this issue?

  9. I am not a subscriber but I know a contributor and I think like all new things we have to be patient.
    This is the first time that this mag has published and that this is just growing pains.
    The demand is also greater then the original market was thought to be I am sure.
    It will come.

  10. As far as I know Globalsugarart stock the magazine and post to anywhere in the world. But postage is quite high.
    Cant wait to see the July mag…

  11. what store can you buy the magazine? way can’t walmart have it. ps love the cake on july mag.

  12. Anyone know how/where to get the past issues of the magazine? Just subscribing but would love to have a few of the recent issues.

  13. love the look. makes me want to run out and get a new tat! hmm, better earn some extra money so i can!!

  14. Got my copy yesterday. It really is an awesome mag this time. Cakes are just beautiful. Articles are good. Love the Tattooing effect. Wow!

  15. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this issue. The tat inspired cakes are amazing! You guys seem to have gotten in to your groove and the issues are coming right on time. Thanks Jackie…you have a great magazine!

  16. I too recieved my much awaited with anticipation for the magazine to be let down alittle. Now don’t boo me but its only because of the prior issue hypping up the 2 articles that were coming in this issue. I couldn’t wait to see how James Rosselle was going to show us about his fabulous technics in flower making and instead he had one little article about placing flowers on your cake whether they be fresh or sugar. I really was dissapointed for I have taken a class from him and couldn’t get enough of his expertise in two days so I thought this article was going to be him teaching us some more of making the sugar flowers.
    The other article I was let down was the big hype of the new luster tool. It would have been nice to maybe show how it works like before and after. don’t get me wrong I still love this magazine and wouldn’t want Jackies job for anything as its so hard to please everyone but maybe just not so much built up anticpation for the next month articles unless they are going to be more of a tutorial on the how’s .
    I am a newbie still and can never get enough advise from the experts and have purchased every book and dvd and magazine on cake decorating that is out in print. Jackie you are one of the best, I just wish for a little more advice from all my teachers.

  17. I just received the July issue and I love it. It has gorgeous cakes! What talent, they’re amazing! I’m not too crazy about the tattoo cakes,(don’t get me wrong, they’re very creative and artistic) it’s just that I’ve never liked tattoo art.

  18. Once again, I’m going to need to complain about how long I am waiting for my copy of the magazine… I paid for a subscription, I for shippping. I realize it is being delievered to Canada, but that is no reason for it to still be over 12 days late! This is the second time, and its rather annoying and frustrating. The first two arrived on time.. yet June and July (July still has not been delivered) were late AND the new issue is already being advertised!

  19. Oh, well ZANNE…I live in Maryland…it is now July 12th…STILL NO MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OK, so I though I would just log on an see if I was the only one that hadn’t received my magazine. Apparently, I am not alone. That’s good to hear. But, it is upsetting to see that they have post a preview of August issue. When I still haven’t gotten to see July’s!!! Arrggghhh!!!!! It is a very expensive subscription to boot!!!! To be going through this!

  21. I am so disappointed! I have been waiting for this issue but still haven’t received it. :( If it was lost in the mail how can I get my copy???? I was really looking forward to this one!!!

  22. Not to complain again… but it is July 16th,…. and still no July issue… I realize it is being sipped to Canada, but if the previews are out of the following month, and there are a number of other Canadians complaining about the same thing… perhaps something oculd be done… I know this isn’t the first month of a very late magazine

  23. Ok, so complained on the 12th & hate to keep complaining. but….it’s now the 21st of July & still nothing & I’m in the states, Texas to be exact. Still waiting……….what’s going on? Anyone???

  24. Sorry to bug also but it is July 26th and I have not received my July issue either. I’m in Nevada….. and $60.00 is a lot for a magazine and it should be shipped in a timely manner.

  25. Okay seriously come on CC the 30th and still no magazine! I paid before the deadline in June to receive my July issue, i checked my status and it said my order has been processed its said that FOREVER now.

    I love your site and look forward to your magazine but like others have said you need to get on top of your shipping.

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