Cake Central Magazine – First Issue Preview

cake central magazine cover preview - march 2010

The Magazine Preview is Here! Cake Central Magazine March 2010: Kerry Vincent dishes about reality cake t.v., lots of cake pictures and more.  You don’t want to miss this, order your subscription now.

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  1. From what I have read earlier – there will be 12 issues, but 2 of those are double issues. You will have 10 mailings a year. It figures out to be $5 an issue ($60/year). Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I am saying this from memory!

  2. It is 10 issues. It is a monthly magazine but April/May and October/November are special seasonal issues and so are combined.

  3. Right now a limited number of retailers will carry the first issue. There will be online options such as .

  4. I am so excited abt the new cake magazine, and to find Kerry Vincent on the cover – I cannot wait ! I just love her ! (she scares me a bit at times!) Good luck with the magazine…

  5. I already subscribed. I cannot wait. When can we expect to see the first issues at our homes?

  6. I would dearly love this magazine but 90 bucks (for Canada) seems awfully expensive for only one year. I’ve not paid that amount ever for ICE’s or ACD yearly subscriptions so am wondering why the price is so much higher for this one?

  7. I think the first issue with Kerry Vincent on the cover is the most appropiate way to start a premier issue. What an AWESOME IDEA!!! I am really excited for this magazine. Now let me go get my subscription…

  8. Hey there! I wanted to let folks know that your international subscription prices are actually pretty standard. I have been sending my Mom in New Zealand a subscription to Good Housekeeping for years and it has always been $$. International postage has always been very expensive in the USA. Congrats on the magazine, it will do very well!

  9. I am very excited to start getting the magazine & cannot wait for the first issue! When in March can I expect to get my first issue? First part or Last part of March? Thanks!!

  10. The $90 definitely turned me away from this. I have never at any point had to pay that high of a price for a magazine and shipping. Hopefully they reconsider this charge, or open up to have retail distribution in Canada.

  11. The magazine looks good and I am very interested to see it but $60/year is a little bit ridiculous for a magazine. I’m actually surprised at the amount of money people who are willing to pay it. Maybe I’ll buy one issue so I can see what could possibly be so wonderful at this price, especially in this economy.

  12. This is quite a lot for a subscription in the US unless the magazine is going to be a higher end magazine. And even then most magazines that are five bucks a month are usually a bit cheaper for subscriptions. I would like to buy one magazine, but to be able to afford to actually subscribe does not seem like that will be an option for me. I would love to know were to get copies though.

  13. I have looked at cake mags in Barnes and Noble and other bookstores and $5 an issue is a bargain next to those! All it once it looks pretty pricey when we get adds for Parents and other mags for $12/2 years. GOOD LUCK! Cant wait to read it!

  14. brogi2baker…I totally agree with you! :) I work at B&N and I have only seen 2, maybe 3 cake magazines in our Newsstand section. :( Only one comes out every 3 months. The others only come out once a year! :( :( And YES…$5 and issue is a HUGE deal! :) The mag that comes out every 3 months is almost $15. But, the mags we get are from overseas. $60 just sounds steep, but when you divide it up between 10 or so issues…its a good price. I am also very excited to know there is another cake mag out there! I hope B&N will carry it. Thank God for an employee discount!!!! :)

  15. Is there a last date by which we need to subscribe for the magazine? I’m and international subscriber…not from the US.

  16. Each year, hundreds of fellow “cakers” shell out big $$ at the Oklahoma show to purchase cake magazines. I know because I’m usually one of the first in line…LOL! Past issues from Australia can range from $3.00-$9.00, while the US magazines and soft back books commanded $10 to over $50. If the frantic grabbing and brisk sales is any indication, we are sorely overdue for a good monthly magazine. I subscribe to both ACD and Mailbox News, but long for something more often. I personally feel that $5.00 per issue is very reasonable to fuel my creative juices!

  17. Does anyone have any idea of how many pages per issue? I mean I agree $5.00 an issue is not bad at all but the price is definitely justifiable if its not a skinny magazine

  18. I would LOVE this magazine but I am one that will not pay $60 a year for any magazine. I refuse to by any magazine that is over $3 a month. I am just too cheap for that.

  19. I’ve been swaying back and forth over the high price too; I feel cheap not buying it because I have been with CC almost since it began. Subscriptions are usually less money than the single-issue price. What will the single issue cost at a retailer?

  20. I’m from Argentina !!!! I can not imagine when the magazine will be delivered. The cost is very great for me. It’s a shame, maybe I can share with a friend.

  21. I’m with you juniecakes, if the magazine is thin $5 is a little too much for me. I would love to subscribe but will wait until it’s on stand, then i’ll make my decision.

  22. I don’t think that $60 is too much for a magazine…if it’s good. Not saying that this one won’t be, but I want to see it first. Do we know what retailers will carry it and when the first issue will hit their shelves?

  23. i think that $60 is too much for a magazine subscription, but when I think about it, I buy a puzzle magazine from Wa*-M#rt once a month and I’m paying about the same per year, but with those, I don’t even finish half of it before I toss it in the trash. Since I’ve paid $60.00 for this CC mag, I’m keeping it forever……. LOL Buying this mag is just like buying a starbucks coffee once a month for 12 months, plus you may stay thinner….LOL

  24. I can’t wait to get my first issue. I subscribe to ACD, MBN, Cake Craft & Decoration, and Wedding Cakes. The most expensive of these is Wedding Cakes (4 issues/yr. =$45) I paid my subscription 6 months ago and still have not received any issues. Cake Craft & Decoration is 12 issues for $99/yr. ACD & MBN are less expensive, but their issues are every 2 months and ALWAYS late. I cancelled my subscription for MBN 9 weeks ago and still have not received my money back. The experience I have had with Global Sugar Art has been excepional, so I expect this magazine to be an exceptionaal one too. Remember that magazines like these are “Professional” magazines, therefore, they will be a little high.

  25. Just wanted to add my 2 cents on the cost. Being in the magazine industry, I’m hoping that maybe once the magazine gets established, the cost will come down some. The more issues it prints, the less per piece it will cost to manufacture. (but this looks like a quality piece/good paper etc and that’s not cheap to produce) Not knowing how much advertising is in it makes a difference too. The more advertisers, the more THEY help the cost. Hopefully, the subscription cost will go down in time. I’d really like to get it too, but $60 is making me hesitate, especially not being able to see if it’s worth it first. Anyone get a sample copy?

  26. Let me echo the other Canadians here about the $90 price tag. CakeCentral………..please arrange with someone in Canada to distribute the magazine more cheaply! Try Golda’s Kitchen.

  27. i think the price is ok
    i got a wedding cake mag from overseas at Mi*h@els.. and it was $14.00 for one issue… soooo $5 for one issue aint that bad.. i just got my subscription, and cant wait to see Kerry in my mailbox

  28. I think the price wouldn’t be as big a deal if they could at least split it up into 2 or 3 payments.

  29. Hmmm..just went to subscribe and I as well was surprised at the cost, as subscriptions tend to be MUCH LESS than the newstand price for a magazine. But that being said, magazines rely on advertisements to carry them. I mean, a big thick Vogue is only a few bucks at the newstand. Those glossy gorgeous pages are paid for by designers, cosmetic lines, etc. So hopefully CC mag will come down in price a bit in the future?