Cake Central Magazine August 2010 Preview

The Magazine Preview is Here! Cake Central Magazine August 2010:

  • It’s not an illusion: crystal fantasy flowers with Alan Tetreault
  • Chandelier Cakes fit for a ballroom
  • Marina Sousa: s Strung sugar beads tutorial
  • Pike’s Peak or bust!  cakes across America visits COLORADO
  • Michelle Bommarito a cake industry TRIPLE THREAT

Cover cake by Alan Tetreault at Global Sugar Art in New York USA

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66 Responses to “Cake Central Magazine August 2010 Preview”

  1. Attempt number 5 and still no August issue or reply. If ANYBODY who works at the magazine reads this, please contact me – I’d like to know where my issue is and what caused the delay.


  2. I have not received any issues other since the wedding cake issue. Keep contacting customer service and not hearing anything back. At this point I’m figuring I lost $60.00 and will not be subscribing anymore

  3. Love the cake on the cover. Does anyone know what is used for the “tube” (decorated with lattice and 2 butterflies)? Is it a cake, or some sort of support column covered in fondant? I have a customer that wants a similar cake, and any ideas that I have come up with are not structurally sound. HELP!

  4. hey perfection…
    that “tube” is a support column forsure…not cake. you could use anything from a styrofoam drum covered in fondant to a round glass vase in it’s place. there will be dowels underneath of it just like any other tiered cake and the tier above it sitting on its plate can sit directly on top of the cylinder.

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