Beautiful Cake Inspiration – Color Pallettes

Here is a fantastic resource to help you find beautiful color palettes for your cake designs, decorated cookies and sugar art. From subtle to stark, there is no shortage of inspiration to be found.

Get inspired today!




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  1. Just as a funny cake “inside joke” I DARE you to try and type “Color Pallettes” 5 times without accidentally typing Collette Peters – I actually did that when originally posting this

  2. this is great! perhaps checking out the site color lovers at the www . also a great site for color patterns and also for great prints for your cakes. I’m registerd as kwebbeltje and created a few barok patterns just to print out and put them on your cakes ;) you can also create and chenge patterns over ther

  3. Hi everyone i live in brussels and iam trying to get all the information i can on wedding cakes and decourating so i would really apriciate it if you can tell me how i can get these patterns and thanks alot

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