Got Cake Problems? Ask the Cake Genius!

ask the cake genius

Dear Cake Genius, Please help…. Have a cake conundrum? An oven dilemma? A fondant failure? Never fear, the Cake Genius is here! A skilled cake-maker and experienced problem-solver, the Cake Genius is Cake Central Magazine’s very own agony aunt, ready to lend a helping hand to frustrated bakers everywhere. Write in to the Cake Genius, […]

In Fashion: What Inspires You?


Inspiration is everywhere, but when we’re in search of new ideas, we like to turn to the fashion world. Like cake decorating, fashion is about making art out of something functional. The latest texture trends and current color forecast for the fashion industry can be easily incorporated in almost every creative project, and we always […]

What’s Your Favorite Cake TV show and Why?

watching cake tv

When it comes to baking and decorating, what’s your favorite TV show and why? Whether you can’t get enough of the reality show drama or you get a kick out of cake execution, we know you have your favorite cake shows. We want to know what you’re watching– and why! From current shows to classic reruns, tell us about […]