(FromScratchSF) Saves The Day!


It’s 12:30 in the afternoon, I am in Seattle, I need 4 dozen cupcakes delivered to Huddler headquarters in San Francisco by 4pm.  What do I do?  I frantically start dialing some very big-name cupcake companies in San Fran to see if they can do an emergency, short-notice delivery. I thought they would have the inventory and […]

What should every bride know?

cutting wedding cake bride

We are all guilty of it. Behind our calm, cool, and collected happy-go-lucky cake maker demeanour, there’s a voice just dying to yell at some of the brides we come across. Sometimes the customer is not always right, and there’s a number of things you’d love to kindly instruct your brides on. For this month’s […]

Call for Moderator Nominations


Know someone who should be a CC Moderator? In addition to the test group, it is time to expand the moderator team.  The community has grown a lot since our current moderators stepped up to help manage the community, and they could really use more help.  With all the new features coming, it is a […]

We need Beta Testers!


Testing, 1 2 3 .. We have been hard at work at Cake Central preparing a lot of updates and new features for the site, however, before any of it can go live, we need a team of beta testers to try it out and help us make sure it is working the way you […]

Confession Time! Calling all cake makers that don’t like cake!

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  We know at times you feel ashamed, and we know that sometimes you hide in the corner when everyone rants and raves about how yummy cake is. But fear not! We want to hear from all of you who would prefer another dessert instead of cake. So what if you prefer baking and decorating […]