2012 – The Year of the Owl and the Octopus


2012, I dub thee,  ”year of the owl and octopus” What do Strigiformes have to do with  cephalopods? Well, practically nothing in the animal kingdom, but in the cake world.. everything! As the spring season closes in on us, don’t be surprised if you start getting requests for cakes in the “owl” or “octopus” theme, particularly for […]

Monster High Cakes, Cupcakes Cookies and Cake-Pops

By special request, here are some “Monster High” Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake-Pops for your enjoyment! What is Monster High? http://www.monsterhigh.com/   Monster High Cake By: pkbutts Monster High Cupcakes By: mrsvb78 Monster High Cookies By: metmom3 Monster High Birthday Cake By: Crissy_Cakes Monster High Cake By: janelwaters Monster High Cup Cakes By: debbiegraj1 monster high […]

UPDATE – LeBron James Refuses to Pay Baker for $3000 Cake

lebron james refusal to pay for $3K birthday cake

It was a cake fit for a king. King LeBron James that is, or was it? Share your thoughts with us here http://cakecentral.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=7247564#7247564 “This is turning into a cake war,” said pastry chef Alethea Hickman. It’s a cake war-a battle at bakery-all over LeBron James’ birthday cake. Hickman said she designed a Heat-red cake with […]

Top 25 Most Popular Cake Makers in 2011

Members whose photos have been “Saved to Favorites†the most number of times in 2011 aldoska7,212 Saves RATGA7,087 Saves CakeInfatuation4,965 Saves patisseriejaja4,512 Saves Corrie764,470 Saves EnglishCakeLady3,874 Saves ThreeLittleBlackbirds3,839 Saves rava3,687 Saves MacsMom3,599 Saves MinjaB3,494 Saves SweetCakers3,464 Saves mrsvb783,138 Saves kwebbeltje3,100 Saves skmaestas3,013 Saves YOUnique_Cakes2,830 Saves CakesbyDusty2,807 Saves EricaObrienCake2,777 Saves Jeana772,720 Saves mrsmudrash2,715 Saves Jaime36792,705 Saves […]

Top 25 Most Gallery Images in 2011

These hard-core bakers uploaded the most photos in 2011 Count does not include “additional images” tpcltcclc233 Photos diakonyha228 Photos batterupcakery215 Photos Adria_NyxxTX205 Photos AmyCakes2198 Photos tokazodo183 Photos KoffeeKup181 Photos cakemomma1979178 Photos mrsvb78165 Photos DonnaOK164 Photos caymancake160 Photos baker101156 Photos oakleygirl77155 Photos michellew153 Photos Shannon1129146 Photos skmaestas140 Photos batata139 Photos cj72137 Photos atikuska136 Photos cakesbykayla136 Photos […]

Top 25 Forum Posters of 2011

Cake Central members with the most forum posts in 2011 scp11273,074 Posts TexasSugar2,556 Posts jason_kraft2,392 Posts leah_s2,077 Posts imagenthatnj1,579 Posts CWR411,525 Posts Marianna461,507 Posts indydebi1,459 Posts Kiddiekakes1,323 Posts JanH1,294 Posts FromScratchSF1,231 Posts kakeladi1,228 Posts costumeczar1,126 Posts bobwonderbuns1,099 Posts carmijok1,059 Posts Kitagrl1,046 Posts sillywabbitz975 Posts BlakesCakes956 Posts cheatize938 Posts icer101927 Posts Coral3892 Posts AnnieCahill891 Posts cakestyles856 […]

Top 25 Most Saved Cupcakes of 2011

Here is a look back on the most saved cupcakes of 2011 Hoot By: Coral3 Hi-Hats! By: ThreeLittleBlackbirds teacher bouquet By: jawalleen Vintage Ruffle Flower Cupcake Topper By: mrsmudrash Princess Cupcakes By: ButRCream fair entry bouquet By: jawalleen Broken Eggs By: ddaigle Tifanny & Co Cupcakes By: katsmile Vintage tea By: niceicing Neon By: babapeela […]

Top 25 Most Saved Cookies of 2011

Here is a look back on the most saved decorated cookies of 2011 Valentine heart cookies By: patisseriejaja Mr. Potato Head Cookies By: Jillfcs Baby Shower Quilted Heart By: sugarbabys Retro Owls By: Jillfcs Brush Embroidery Lavendar Peonies By: bbmom Farm Animal Cookie Centerpieces By: noosie Baby Girl Cookies By: DesignGirlinMO Bridal Shower Cookies By: […]

Top 25 Most Saved Cakes of 2011

Here is a look back on the most saved cakes of 2011 Hand painted Black and White Wedding Cake By: Smilely09 White pink ornament By: aldoska Romantic Wedding Cake By: CakeInfatuation Bling for Monica By: jo3d33 Sparkle and Diamond Dress By: maggidup Pancake Cake By: LadyViola Black and white By: jo3d33 folk art painted cake […]