2009 OSSAS Followup


The 2009 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) was so much fun! The trip from Seattle to Tulsa was so worth it.

View the amazing cakes entered in the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show competition here:


OSSAS09 643

The Grand Prizewinner: Mercedes Strachwsky Florida

OSSAS09 085
1st runner up: Robin Van Hoozer Oklahoma

OSSAS09 506
2nd Runner Up Flora Aghababyan Nevada

OSSAS09 187
3rd Runner Up Edith Hall Missouri

OSSAS09 365
4th Honorable Mention Amelia Carbine Utah

OSSAS09 128
5th Honorable Mention Carolyn Wanke-Gold Colorado

Some more CC members I met up with!

OSSAS09 412 OSSAS09 415

OSSAS09 833 OSSAS09 827

OSSAS09 413 IMG_2182

12 Responses to “2009 OSSAS Followup”

  1. I was also there… All of the cakes were wonderful. Although, my favorite was the one that got 1st runner up. The faces on the mermaids were amazing. I can only dream to be that good someday. AWESOME!!!!

  2. What a great time it was – meeting you and other CCer’s was such a highlight! This reminded me that I need to send you some pictures – will do that now! Thanks again. Cakes rock. love ya’ll, Audrey

  3. momof4sweeties – as far as I can tell, the faces of the mermaids were from the molds you can buy online (sugar people) (so not as hard as you may think – just exceptionally time consuming – I have the molds and the finished product makes the clients jaw drop everytime). The cake was awesome! The hair though, I believe, was not RI so I was quite impressed there.

  4. Hi Jackie, do you have an email addy I can send a press release and invitation to our Austin, Tx, cake show? We’d love to see you!

  5. I live not far from there. Up till last year I have been to see the sugar show.
    I am trying to go again. I was there when it was in a mall setting. Now it is growing.