2009 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show


UPDATE: Read the follow up here http://cakecentral.com/jackie/151/2009-ossas-followup

October 3-4, 2009
I will be attending the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show at the Tulsa State Fair!


I will be in Tulsa Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show From October 3-4 taking photos, meeting with you and blogging about the contestants and the contest winners!

Please let me know if you will be there too, I would just LOVE to meet you!


Official meet-up times are as follows:

Saturday Oct 3 11:30 a.m – near the main entrance of the Sugar Art Show

Sunday Oct 4 11:30 a.m – near the main entrance of the Sugar Art Show

Jackie Shaffer of CakeCentral.comIf you make it to the show later in the day, or miss me don’t worry I will be there from start to finish both days milling around and talking cake!

Look for me! I will be the crazy person asking everyone if they are from cakecentral LOL

45 Responses to “2009 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show”

  1. I will be there with an entry in the wedding cake competition and a entry in the semi-professional decorative item not on a cake. My cake is titled “To Long We Have Tarried” it features primarily pulled and blown sugar. Hopefully it will get there in good shape. My other piece is also pulled and blown sugar featuring children at the beach. I look forward to the opportunity to meeting you.

  2. I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday just to enjoy the show and the cakes. It is an annual girls weekend getaway for me. I would love to meet all of you. If you want to schedule a time and place to meet let me know.

  3. I will be there as an admirer on Saturday and Sunday. Good Luck to those who entered. I will be looking for your entries. It will be exciting to be able to say “I knew that one would be here.”

  4. No “Fair” karateka, I gotta know what to look for. My exitement excalated two fold knowing that Cake Central members would be there and their entries.

  5. No entry for me, but haven’t missed in several years. Hope to meet some of you. Can’t wait until Sat……

  6. I will be there! I have an Wedding Cake entry. Look for the big Lighthouse!! It’s entitled “You Light Up My Life”. I also have an entry in the Pound Cake Contest. Looking forward to meeting you!!

  7. I entered the celebration adult beg. It’s a baby shower cake. I hope the cake makes it ok. I just started making cakes so I am excited to see everyones cakes, because as I sit and stare at my cake I realize I need alot more practice. Oh well, I think it will be alot of fun.

  8. I will be there with hopefully 2 entries the OSSAS competition – not wedding cake competition. One is a southern wedding cake in sage and white with magnolias and the other one (if it makes it) it is topsy turvey 3 tier Halloween cake. I hope to meet everyone!

  9. I’ll be there. Driving up from Dallas on Friday. No entries though. Maybe next year if I’m not too intimidated by what I see this year…..

  10. Does anyone know if there will be vendors there selling cake supplies? Unfortunately my only options are Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I have thought of ordering online but thought that if there was going to be stuff there I would just wait and get it from there. I am looking for a few molds and some Americolor coloring. TIA!

  11. I’ll be there Sat or Sunday just enjoying the cakes! I am not brave enough or good enough to enter just yet! I always look forward to going to this every year! Can’t wait to see some of you!

  12. To Scionmom, there was some awesome vendors last year. I remember fondant, fondant molds in particular as we only have one choice more than you do to purchase from and all three are at least 30 miles away.

  13. I’ll be there
    we donated the custom cake stands for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners of the wedding cake competion

  14. I’ll be there! This is my first competition. I have 2 entries. 1 is a gingerbread house “Autumn in the Apple Orchard” and the other is a special occasion cake “Wine & Roses- Our Wedding Anniversary”.
    I am so excited to meet you all!

  15. Yay! I’ll be there Sunday. I can’t wait to see all of you guys! No entry for me this time. Got a gig teaching classical pastries at the community college this fall and my class has kept me too busy to get my entry ready:(. Some of my students will be there ogling for the first time so that will be fun though. Tracy, can’t wait to see your cakes and catch up with you!

  16. Hi Jackie,

    We are on the way to Tulsa from Luling, Texas as I pen this to you. Just entered Fort Worth. I like to do my set up on Friday and then show up to watch the scramble on Saturday morning! This is my second year to enter. Last year I didn’t know enough to be scared so I jumped right in with two entries. Took three ribbons (including best in division) in the adult advanced and got picked for Brides Magazine. I guess I’m gonna find out if it was just “beginners luck” this time around…LOL! I’m entering five catagories in semi professional. I’m nothing if not ambitious! Now if I can just make myself start on next years entries earlier than the week before the show. I’m bringing two cakes. One in tiered wedding (Victorian Christmas Wedding) inspired by Wedgwood Blue Jasperware and one non-wedding (Garden Party) inspired by two summer patio plates from Macy’s designed by Martha Stewart. I entered wedding cake shaped cookies with a Bake Shop theme, sugar not on a cake with a spray of purple Peruvian Lilys, and the Milinary Maddness with a trio of minature hats from 1920, 1940 & 1960. I love CakeCentral and look forward to meeting you. I’ll be the fluffy lady with a husband racing around in a power wheelchair…fair warning…watch your toes!

  17. We drove 11 hours today and are here in Tulsa!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the show and everyone from Cake Central!

  18. I’m going to be there tomorrow afternoon. I live about 30 minutes from Tulsa. No entries …. just going to admire and get ideas.
    Do any of the vendors sell the fruit fillings at the fair? Is there any place left in Tulsa that sells it? I need to find a good, local place for supplies. So many of my projects are last minute I don’t have time to order online.

    See you at the fair!

  19. I’m so excited… and I just cant hide it! HAHA! I will be leaving this afternoon to head up there and I just cant wait! I am so excited to see everything… not to mention but some new stuff!! This is going to be so much fun, my husband even went and bought me some more batteries for our camera… he wants to see all the amazing cakes!!!

  20. I’ll be there going nutz lol I’m bringing my 12 year old granddaughter. She is so excited! She is a big caker. Hope to see alot of cc people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I was there! Amazing! We took pictures of almost every cake – my battery ran out on the camera… saw a great demo and saw tons of Food Network people! My friend and I were in Celebrity awww of all the cake talent and cake celebrities there. Oh and saw Kerry Vincent! I will definately be entering next year! The wedgewood pottery cake from Memory Makers Cakes was awesome! Oh and there was this super tall cake that had a hawaiian tiki theme to it, and sea turtles, and there was this one that had all this coral and mermaids and between the layers it looked like a coral cave – everyone was taking pictures of it and stuffing $ into the people choice box. Might just have to go back today with new charged batteries to finish getting all the cakes! Oh and whoever made the woody wagon with the surf boards cake….. my kids LOVED IT! I have been asked by my 5 yo son if he can have THAT for his Birthday!

  22. i was there yeaterday-my first time and i loved, loved, loved the cakes and decorations that everyone made. saw kerry vincent-no headband!! and also bronwyn weber was one of the judges. too exciting. i’ve only had 3 lessons so far, so am not sure when i’ll feel confident enough to enter after seeing some of the beautiful work, but had such fun wandering around and taking pics.

  23. Just got home from the sugar show tonight….I got to meet Jackie! She was so sweet! (no pun intended) So many cakes, so little time! I have to say…the Mermaid cake was my fav…Rebecca Sutterby had another stunning cake…and then another one by Edith somebody….I wish I would have taken notes! Also, Tammy Luckey OMG did a fabulous hat box…whimsical cake all black white and red, damask. Fabulous.
    I know Jackie was taking notes and pics so I am sure she will have them up in no time.

  24. I forgot my laptop and didn’t see the time posting for the meeting before we left for Tulsa on Friday. Wonderful job and congratulations to all the entries that I could identify as posted. I am inspired to enter next year but we will see if the confidence holds out. Again, congratulations to all for a good showing.

  25. Who were the winners? I saw the show yesterday, but was unable to stay for today. -HV in Plano, TX

  26. I went to the show and was in awwww the whole time. Met so many great people. Didn’t stay for winners, would love to know who won.

  27. Who won??????????
    Any stay to see how the 3 J’s attached the santa parts together and how they attached them to the fireplace?

  28. I am dying to know who won too! Had a great time checking out everyone’s creations. It was amazing!

  29. The Grand Prizewinner: Mercedes Strachwsky Florida
    1st runner up: Robin Van Hoozer Oklahoma
    2nd Runner Up Flora Aghababyan Nevada
    3rd Runner Up Edith Hall Missouri
    4th Honorable Mention Amelia Carbine Utah
    5th Honorable Mention Carolyn Mangold Colorado

  30. thanks for the winners names. unfortunately, that doesn’t help me because all i saw saturday was the names of the creations and numbers! so i still don’t know which cake/s won! :-)

  31. Hi Jackie.
    Loved meeting you. Wish I had had more time to visit people, next year I will have to have the students man the booth so I can actually see the cakes and visit. Hope you had fun too.

  32. I am so sad I did not ge to read this site, I see that you have my cake picture here with my first competition cake at Oklahoma. This year it was very good for me I won 2 first prizes, 1 second and 1 third and best of division and best of show in non proffessionals, I feel so proud,

    Susie Araya