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Posted by Jackie This is for those of you who wish to make a "mirror" look to your cakes.     Ingredients: Amount Ingredient 2T. + 2t cold water 1-1/2 t. Unflavored Gelatin 1/2 c. sugar 1/4 c water 1T. Corn Syrup 2/3 c. Unsweetened Cocoa 1/4 c. Heavy Cream     Directions: Making the Lacquer or Mirror Glaze(Chocolate) 1. In a small bowl add the water and Gelatin; stir, cover with plastic to prevent evaporation, set aside 2. In a small pan... read more

Henry's Vanilla Cupcakes

Posted by henri88 This recipe was created by me, an 8 year old boy who loves baking. I've tried lots and lots of recipes but this one is the best!! Ingredients: AmountIngredient3eggs1 3/4 cupsugar1 stickbutter - softened1/4 teaspoonsalt1 1/2 teaspoonbaking powder1 tablespoonvanilla extract1/3 cupwhole milk2 cupscake flour Directions:Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix the sugar and butter until well blended. Add the eggs and beat until they are completely mixed in. Combine the cake flour, baking powder and salt together in a separate bowl, then sift them together. ... read more

Fluffy Crusting Buttercream

Posted by cbrosado This is a foolproof, very light and fluffy, smooth buttercream. It almost has a whipped icing texture, but holds it's form. I have never had to, but it can be made stiffer by adding powdered sugar or corn starch. It spreads super easy and crusts over nicely. This is definitely my favorite "go to" recipe. It is an all shortening recipe, but doesn't taste "greasy". It is not too sweet and the taste is amazing! It does not need to be refrigerated because the high sugar content acts as a preservative. Ingredients: AmountIngredient2 CupsShortening8... read more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Posted by cbrosado This is a recipe that I came up with by taking my favorite pieces of other recipes. It bakes all the way through, so you won't have a cookie cake that is raw in the center. I have been told it is the best anyone has ever tasted and people prefer it over the super thin cookie cakes from local specialty stores. This also makes superb cookies...I have noticed that the temperature of your kitchen will affect how the cookie version turns out. I live in Texas, so in the Summer even with the air conditioning cranked up, it can still get pretty warm... read more

German Chocolate Scratch Cake w/Icing

Posted by cbrosado This was my grandmother's recipe. It is a super moist scratch cake that is not too dense. It has a very nice texture and has always been a family favorite. I like this cake so much, that I have often thought of leaving out the cocoa to see how it stands up as a vanilla scratch cake. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Ingredients: AmountIngredient2 1/4 CupsGranulated Sugar2Eggs2 TBSPCocoa Powder1 tspPure Vanilla Extract1/4 tspsalt1 CupShortening3 CupsFlour2 CupsButtermilk2 tspBaking Soda2 1/4 CupsGranulated Sugar1 1/2 CansEvaporated Milk3... read more

White Cake

Posted by SheliaRenee If you're looking for a basic, great tasting white cake recipe this is it! I've been searching for months on a basic white cake recipe from scratch that has a good flavor, similar to that of box cakes, but not too floury or salty like most made from scratch white cakes recipes! Ingredients: AmountIngredient1 cupunsalted butter, softened2 cupssugar4 largeeggs, room temperature1 1/2 cupsself-rising flour11/4 cupsall- purpose flour1 cupmilk1 tspvanilla Directions:Preheat oven between 325- 350 degrees, depending on how your oven cooks. Place butter in... read more

Strawberry NFSC

Posted by Lovelyladylibra So I decided to not be stingy like I did with my red velvet cookie recipe and share. :) This recipe (like all my new recipes) are made with the NFSC as a base. II love the NFSC recipe its so versatile. These cookies are made with real strawberries not powered strawberry drink (yuck) nor milk syrup (double yuck). Now when I made these I used my juicer because I don't have a puree thingy. Since the berries were cold it basically came out like pureed strawberries (or maybe cause my juicer is crappy lol). If your pureeing your berries just use... read more

Moravian Spice Cake

Posted by jgifford I found this in a collection of Civil War era recipes. I've tweaked it a little since the original recipe produced a very heavy, dense cake. It works well for cupcakes also and the brown sugar makes for a smooth, lightly-crusted top which is perfect for decorating. The taste is not unusually strong, so I would suggest using a light frosting. Ingredients: AmountIngredient1 1/2 cupbrown sugar1/2 cupoil2 eggs1 1/2 cupsour milk1/2 cupwater - optional1/2 tsp baking soda dissolved in the milk3 cupsAP flour1 tspbaking powder2 tspcinnamon1 tspginger1/2... read more

Momofuku Milk Crumbs Recipe

Posted by MariahS This recipe is for Milk Crumbs used by Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City. They use it in cookies, as a coating for cake pops, etc. It's a truly yummy, unique garnish. I use this as my garnish for Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes. Yum! Ingredients: AmountIngredient1/4 Cup plus 1 TBSP Nonfat Milk Powder2 TBSPAll-purpose Flour1 TBSPCornstarch1 1/2 tspSugar1/8 tspsalt1 1/2 TBSPUnsalted Butter, Melted1/4 CupWhite Chocolate, Melted Directions:1. Preheat oven to 225 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. 2. In a medium bowl, whisk... read more

Nanner-chocolate cake

Posted by punkin34446 This is a devil's food and bananna cake that my grandmother has made for every birthday since I can remember. Simple and moist, you can doctor this up to use for a more adult taste or just frost and enjoy. Ingredients: AmountIngredientone boxdevil's food cake mixone over ripe bananna Directions:follow package directions for making cake. Mash bananna and mix into cake. For a real homemade cake with chunks of bananna, I mash and mix by hand. If you are gonna use this for a carved cake, leave out a third of the oil and mash bananna well, mixing it in... read more

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