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Horse Tutorial

Posted by not_the_cake_boss How to Make a Horse Head Cake List of Materials Your favorite cake recipe, fondant, buttercream, piping gel, white icing color,stitching tool, extractor I drew out the shape of the head on paper for the template. Then iced it in buttercream. Cut shaped out of cake to create depth. Iced the added pieces. Adding pieces of fondant for definition. Cover with fondant. Roll fondant for the eyes and paint them with piping gel. Add a spot of white icing color to the center of the eye. Paint stripe down the front of the... read more

How To Make a "Tangled" Tower Cake (Rapunzel)

  • by IvaB

Posted by IvaB Got a chance to make the tower again, so I decided to make a step by step tutorial. Hope you enjoy it! List of Materials Fondant, colors, kitchen towel, knife, roller Cut out a cardboard circle, put a doll inside to check the size Cover it with fondant Rol out fondant make the wall Put a circle of water for the wall Stick the wall on our circle Take the kitchen towel for the tower Cover it with fondant Make small balls of grey fondant and put custer sugar on them so they would not stick... read more

How to Make Angry Bird Letter on Cake

Posted by Ipoet This is the simple way how to get angry bird letter on your cake… This is my way but I hope it help…   How to make a bird-themed angry letters from fondant …. just sharing …. not a way that should be the benchmark … this way I get the letters do the same with angry bird …. could also be without pattern … so directly on the cut it using precision knife … that's what I did when it's no enough time hehehe …so not need to printted the angry bird letters … If there's any other way you can use it …. definitely many ways …like the proverbial many... read more


Posted by al-tomczak First thing I’m very sorry for my English, but I’m Polish who live in Italy. In a last few days I saw on this web site a lot of different cake insert techniques which I liked very much. So I invented my own! It is very easy and simple, you don’t have to use any complicated tools. I used this techniques when I made a cake for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary, and he was very moved when he saw surprise inside the cake. I hope you will like it as much as I do! List of Materials •Rectangular pan for chocolate mud cake. I used 8 ¾’ x 12’ (21... read more

Cake Pop Problems & Tutorial

Posted by dipmeinchocolate Have you made cake pops? Were they a complete disaster? Yeah, me too. Seriously. We've all burned the heck out of our chocolate, lost a cake ball off the stick, had our perfectly good cake pops crack 5 minutes later and begin leaking weird stuff out everywhere! It's sooo frustrating! Don't worry though, it gets better. But let me save you some time and sugar with a few tips...! List of Materials 1 cake mix (+ required ingredients) 2 (16 oz.) packages CandiQuik Candy Coating (vanilla or chocolate) 8 oz. cake frosting lollipop... read more

How To Make a Topsy-Turvy Whimsical Cake

Posted by Jackie   This cake style is often referred to as "mad hatter cake", topsy-turvy cake, whimsical cake, titled cake, or slanted cakes. This technique is a fun optical illusion that makes your cake appear topsy-turvy. Cake By: tonedna I finally got an interesting project to demo and a working camera all at the same time. People ask me all the time how I do the topsy-turvy Mad Hatter ish cakes on my site and how on earth I get them to the customer site without a disaster. I know there are lots of folks out there doing lopsided cakes and using... read more

Leopard Print Inside Cake Angelfire3's Way

Posted by Angelfire3 How to make leopard print inside a cake/cupcake List of Materials Cake batter in 3 colors Icing/pastry bags wit tips Step 1) 3 different colors of cake batter. You can either use yellow & chocolate cake & color them accordingly OR you can use gel color and color the cake batter accordingly. Step 2) Divide your cake batter into 3 and place the Black cake mix in one pastry bag, brown in the 2nd pastry bag and keep the rest in the mixing bowl Step 3) On the bottom of your EMPTY cake pan or cupcake liner, draw/pipe the... read more

Leopard pattern inside cake tutorial

Posted by cakerycreation Leopard pattern inside cake tutorial Okay I fell in love with the inside of a cake that was floating around facebook. It was a picture of a cake that had leopard print on the inside. I just had to try to make it immediately!. So this is how I did it..Simple simple! Yellow cake colored light brown: prepared like you are making cakepops with it. Roll into small balls. Chocolate cake: prepared like you were making cakepops with it then rolled out very thin. Take a cirle cutter and cut circles. Then take the yellow balls and place them into the... read more


Posted by Carolinedoodles I received many requests from fellow sugar crafters on the technique I used to make the waves on my dolphin cake so here goes. Apologies for the rushed and not so polished quality of this tutorial, I was aiming to get this out as some of the inquiries were from people who wanted to see the technique so they could replicate it over the weekend. As with many of the effects out there, I was messing around looking for different ways of doing waves and came up with this idea by chance. Hope you all have fun replicating it for your projects. List... read more

Easy Fondant in 12 minutes

Posted by Overboard This was adapted from "The Twisted Sisters" recipe. I found it quick, easy and not sticky. List of Materials 16oz Marshmallows 1 Cup of All Vegetable Crisco (the ready made blocks) 2lbs of Powdered Sugar 1 Tablespoon Spatula Smooth board to Knead fondant (I use the backside of a "Rotary Cutting Mat" by Taylor Plastic wrap and freezer bags Place crisco block in mixing bowl Measure out 16oz of Marshmallows (or if you can find the 16oz bags no need) Pour 2lbs of sugar in bowl over your... read more

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