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How to make Spider Mums Sugar Flower

Posted by donnadol Spider mums belongs to the chrysanthemum family. They are also known as football mums in the United States. I've always been fascinated with this flower. They always look good on flower arrangements. This sugar flower is easy to make. Most of the techniques I've used has been used in other sugar flowers. I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I did.   List of Materials Daisy cutters, ball tool, veiner tool, leaf sculpting tool, sharp craft knife, rolling pin, foam pad, scissors, cutting mat, edible glue, florist wires and floral... read more

Glitzy Rainbow Rose Tutorial Using Circle cutters

Posted by SSN_sweets Hi guys! I had been asked by some of you guys to do a tutorial on my roses so here goes my first attempt and please excuse me if it is not properly done. To make it more colourful I tried a Rainbow rose. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m not an expert , I learnt making my initial roses from Edna de la cruz's tutorial ( Thank you Edna; if mine is confusing you can always refer to hers) and I am learning from every cake I make :). Regards  Sasi ( CakesbySasi) List of Materials Gumpaste Rolling pin, and board Ball... read more

How to make a rose with a 5 petal cutter

Posted by aine2 Aine2 Shows you how to make a fondant/gumpaste/sugarpaste rose with a 5 petal cutter. Watch and Learn! [youtube id="E4SfgfnzzXk" width="600" height="350"] read more

Quick Hibiscus Tutorial

Posted by MayWest I decided to create this very easy and simple tutorial to demonstrate an easier way (at least for me) of creating this flower rather than doing the petal by petal process and the outcome is just as stunning. Enjoy! List of Materials Rose petal cutter gumpaste ball tool flower veiner flower shaping dish or egg carton floral wire Roll out a piece of gum paste or fondant mixed with tylose and cut with the rose cutter Soften the edges with your ball tool Use a flower veiner to give texture to the petals. If you don't have a veiner you can... read more

Inexpensive cutters for roses, peony and calla lily

Posted by sweettooth101 You can purchase a set of cookie cutters from any kitchen store, this set of 5 was around $6. hold the cutter at the joint and give a squeeze to make it into a tear drop shape. For roses soften the round edge and make your petals for the flower. For peonies, knick the round edge at a few places, then frill with toothpick and proceed making the flower. For the calla lily, point side up, soften edge, and pull point a little with ball tool, then place on cone to shape the lily. Below are the cutters used and the flowers I made. List of... read more

Gerbera Daisy Tutorial

Posted by Kellig This Gerbera Daisy Tutorial will teach you how to make lifelike sugar Gerber Daisies quick and easy! List of Materials Clean Styrofoam egg carton Torch or lighter Wilton small flower former Rolling pin with pink rings Thin foam 1 small ball of gum paste for center in your choice of color and 1 medium ball of gum paste for petals in your choice of color Small scissors Ball tool and Veiner Paint brush Gum glue or vodka 6” piece of wire The small Daisy cutters are from the first Wilton 32 piece flower making set The other larger cutters... read more

How To Make A Gumpaste Stargazer Lily (Asian Lily)

  • by Feefs

Posted by Feefs HOW TO MAKE A GUMPASTE STARGAZER LILY (Asian Lily) Photo by Avaie Equipment needed:24/26g wire (white taped) Thin wire (very thin) Thick glue (cellogen/tylose etc) Ground rice/Rice flour - coloured Lily cutter & veiner Mould for drying petals Scalpel / exacto knife Rolling pin Balling tool Buttercup Yellow Luster Dust Orchid Pink Luster Dust Tweezers* note, I use white wire as the petals are quite fine and green would show through. PistolTo start with take a small ball of paste & roll it into a sausage... read more

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