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Peacock Tail Cake Tutorial

Posted by NovaTrixi A tail that stand out from the cake List of Materials fondant tylo powder or flowerpaste. Tulip, leaf, rose or oval cutter for tailfeather. Flower wier or flower stamen for "crown" mix tylopowder and fondant . Roll a thin plate and cut it en a big drop shape. Use a big bowl og vase to dry it in, so it get at slightly curved shape. Dry at least 4 days.   I´m not very good to modeling stuf, but the peacock isent very hard to do, You make A long 3D drop , and press the neck up and the tail down. And the head you press between you... read more

How to Make a Gumpaste Lego Ninja

Posted by MinjaB [youtube id="aKnnFeTi0gU" width="600" height="350"]   read more

How To Make a Fondant Converse Sneaker Shoe - Template & Video

Posted by NovaTrixi [/caption]   read more

How to make the Angry Birds

Posted by Araucaria I was asked to maka a Angry Birds Cake. But I could find only one small tutorial how to make the Angry Birds. That's why I decided to make photo's during the making off this cake. I hope you like it and that it helps you! Thanks for watching! List of Materials different colours fondant/gumpaste, your favorite tool to make small accents, glue or waterbrushsiccer Part 1, The Red Angry Birds: If you follow the pictures, it definitely works! Part 2, The Black Angry Birds: If you follow the pictures, it definitely works! Part 3, The Green... read more

cupcake topper duck

Posted by smallnmighty how to make a duck for cupcakes List of Materials Supplies needed: Yellow dye orange dye Toothpicks black dye Paint brush water Electronic scale Small Leaf shaped cutter Gather supplies Dye all your fondant. Take 7/8 oz of yellow and roll into a ball, making sure you get all the cracks out. Roll into a oval shape using the palms of your hand Pull up on one end and flatten out this will be your tail. You can use a toothpick to put lines in it for feathers or leave it blank. Roll a ball for the head.... read more

How to make a cute monkey

Posted by Folskov Hi, I made this tutorial while making a soccer-monkey themed cake. I hope you'll have fun making these cute little monkeys. I used Wilton fondant mixed with a little tylo/ gum-tex. List of Materials Fondant + balling tool + icing tip Look at the picture for descriptions. read more

How to Make a Tiny Gumpaste Baby with a Mold

Posted by smitakasargod This is great for baby shower cakes or cupcakes. You can create a really adorable life-like tiny gumpaste baby using a First Impressions Baby Mold. This project is also commonly referred to as "fondant babies" or "marzipan baby" Click here to buy the baby mold used in this tuorial For the project you will need: Silicone baby mold (click here to order from GlobalSugar White gum paste (fondant works too if used 50/50 with gum paste) X-acto knife/ sharp blade Paint brushes (fine tip and medium tip) Petal dusts... read more

How To Make Your Own Lace Molds

Posted by MYOM-Dominic Many pastry chefs, sugar artists, cake decorators and master bakers have longed to accommodate a popular request made by the modern bride which is to have the lace from her dress reproduced in sugar on her wedding cake. Products used in this video can be purchased from Silicone Plastique - is an amazing mold putty that has the consistency of cookie dough and is very easy to mix and apply. Created by a chef in order to bring the art of mold making into both commercial and home kitchens, Silicone Plastique® has... read more

How to make a tiny teddy bear

  • by aine2

Posted by aine2 Aine2 shows you how to make a mini teddy bear out of sugarpaste (gumpaste or fondant) [flowplayer src=''']   read more

How to Make A Gumpaste Shoe

Posted by boonenati This step by step guide will show you how to make a gumpaste shoe Items Required Fondant Rolling pin Gumpaste Americolor food coloring Fondant cutter & embosser Scissors Cardboard Gumpaste Glue Paintbrush Luster dust Pencil Ruler Saran/Glad Wrap Shoe template from galleries   Colour your gumpaste in whatever colour you want to use for the shoe. Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste, and using the sole template cut around it with the fondant cutter. Cut out and fold your support template, using... read more

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