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How to Make Gelatin Bubbles

Posted by sweetflowers Step by Step Instructions for making Gelatin Bubbles List of Materials Water Balloons unflavored gelatin forceps or tweezers duct tape slotted plastic plate (or styrofoam) small craft paintbrush luster dust (any color) Small microwave safe bowl Gelatin mixture: 2 parts cold water to 1 part unflavored gelatin (like Knox). Start by putting your cold water into a microwave safe bowl. Add a little luster dust, the amount will depend on how translucent you want your bubble, I normally did about 1/8 tsp or less. Food color can also... read more

Gelatin Gems

Posted by athenarose I came up with this last summer after struggling to try and find a way to fill small candy gem molds with isomalt. It’s fast, cheap and easy when you need a quick gem and don’t fill like working with hot sugar. List of Materials candy gem molds food color paintbrush unflavored gelatin (I use knox) You need to make the gelatin, in order to do that mix 2 1/2 parts water to 1 part gelatin. I normally do 3TBSP gelatin (about a box and a half of Knox) to 7TBSP Water. Mix the gelatin and water together than place in the micorwave, heat... read more

How to Make a Gelatin and Royal Icing Butterfly

Posted by galidink Here are instructions on how to create a royal icing and gelatin butterfly List of Materials Low Tack Frisket Film Masking Black Royal Icing clear unflavored gelatin gelatin is approx. 5 table spoons of water /2 table spoons of gelatin for each wing  Food Coloring (the colors for your butterfly wings) Choose a butterfly pattern for tracing. You can hand draw one or print one from your computer. You can also do a google image search to come up with some other patterns to trace. Here is another pattern Frisket Film. is really great... read more

How to Make Gelatin Flowers and Bows

Posted by justdi You can make delicate and slightly transparent flowers, bows and butterflies using this technique. Basically, you mix 2 1/2 parts water and 1 part gelatin (unflavored - like Knox... NOT Jello!  ) Warm in microwave, then let sit 5-10 minutes to allow the scum to raise to the top. Peel the scum off (photo above) then gelatin is ready to use (you'll need to rewarm to liquify at this point.) Brush onto veining or texture sheet and let it sit for 3-5 hours... gelatin will release itself when it's completely dry. Click here for... read more

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