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How To Frost a Square Cake & Get Crisp Corners with Buttercream

Posted by bkeith   This step-by-step guide with photos will teach how to get crisp sharp edges on any square cake covered in buttercream 1. First, a square "cake" (sorry -- didn't have a real cake around to mess with). Slapped some icing on a square pan, and when I went to clean some icing away, I came up with a perfect square corner without even trying. So I took an intentional swipe at the corner to mess it up a bit so you could see what's what. 2. With your left hand, hold a spatula vertically in front of you so the right edge of the... read more

The easiest way ever to cut a circle for the bottom of your cake tin!

Posted by serveseight So super easy, and the best time saving trick I ever discovered! Tear enough baking paper to cover the bottom of your round tin. 1. Fold it in half into a rectangle. 2. Fold in half again into a square. 3, 4, & 5. Fold the top right corner down to make a triangle, repeat this step again two more times (you will have folded three times) 6. Find the centre of your tin with the point of your triangle, cut to size at the edge of the tin. 7. Et Voila! The perfect sized circle of baking paper to line your cake... read more

How to Carve A Spiral Cake

Posted by Berecca [featuredcakes] A lot of people have been asking for the photos that I took of my hiking cake while it was in progress. So here are the photos with explanations on them. 1.  First place your toothpicks into the top of the cake where you would like the path to be. 2.  Now, mark your cake how steep you want your path to be with more toothpicks. Only go about half way down the cake. By the time the toothpicks meet up with the tooth picks on top, you'll be adding more cake to complete the path later on. 3. Next, cut down into the... read more

How To Get Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Icing

Posted by tutugirl This tutorial shows you step by step how to frost your cake in buttercream icing, and smooth it to a perfect finish. Commonly referred to as the "VIVA Paper Towel Method" After so many of you asking how I do it here it is.... List of Materials VIVA® Brand Paper Towels (will not work with other quilted brands)Decorating Tip #1818 inch Icing BagAngled SpatulaFondant Smoother (aka fondant paddle)VERY HOT Water With a tip 18 and an 18 inch bag pipe up and down the side of prepared crumb coated cake Continue all the way around the cake.... read more

How To Make 3D Goose Shaped Cake

Posted by kakeladi This project is a cute idea and a great place to start if you have never carved a cake before. I've made this goose a couple of times, each time used a different combination of cakes to work with. One could use a 1/2 egg or football shape cake for the body and a small (6" OR 8"?) square to create the head, neck and tail; cut from a 9x13 sheet or even use round layers. Step 1) I had three 9" x 1&1/2" heart cakes to work with. Two layers of heart cakes are stacked - the point of the heart is the tail section.  The 3rd heart is cut... read more

Cake Baking - Flower Nail Method Tutorial

Posted by rezzygirl Just a quick demo to show what the flower nail method looks like. This method is an alternative to using "bake even strips" for a cake that requires less to no leveling after baking. Hope this is helpful. 1. Spray flower nail with non-stick spray 2. Place nail in the center of pan, touching the  bottom. Bake as usual 3.  Remove from oven. Cover top with cake board or sheet pan and flip entire cake pan over 4. after flipping over the cake pan, nail pops out making it easy to remove. read more

How To Make Fondant Swags

Posted by Tamanna The stp-by-step article will show you how to create fondant swags on your cake. This is most popular with wedding cakes and anniversary cake. Items required: 3 to 4 wooden skewers (knitting needles or chop sticks) Small rolling pin Fondant Gumpaste Garland Marker (optional) Mix together equal amounts of fondant and gumpaste and let stand for 1 hour. Make equal markings on cake covered with fondant. To get the best results, use a garland marker. Roll out small amount of fondant-gumpaste using very little powdered sugar and... read more

How to Make a Contemporary Basketweave (Martha's New Basketweave)

Posted by KittisKakes This is a method of creating a unique effect in buttercream icing. Alrighty boys and girls! I gave it a try. Now remember, this was my first try, so ya'll be nice!! I actually iced the cake yesterday and didn't get to it until today. So, the icing had crusted over real well and was not chilled. DH didn't know I was gonna practice on it, so there's a piece missing, just less space to work with. It wasn't as tall as I would have liked, but I think it was enough. Items Needed: Sharp knife (make sure the knife is not serrated) Cup... read more

How To Make a Buttercream Poinsettia

Posted by thecakemaven How To Make Buttercream Poinsettias. Here is a step-by-step technique, from making beautiful poinsettia flowers in buttercream or royal icing. This Cake Decorating idea is great for holiday cakes and cookies. Tools Needed: Buttercream Icing Recipe Or Royal Icing Recipe Decorating Bags or Parchment Triangles Tip #366 Tip #352 Tip #3 1. Use tip #366 to pipe your first petal 2. Use tip #366 to pipe your second petal (You can work in a clockwise, or counter-clockwise direction, whichever is most comfortable for you) 3. Use tip... read more

Making Buttercream Roses on a Stick

Posted by ntertayneme This is a method of creating roses on a dowel or stick as opposed to using a flower nail. Some cake decorators prefer this method. Click To Enlarge View the video & step by step standard Wilton method of creating buttercream roses on a flower nail 1. Take a short piece of a dowel stick, the kind you'd use for doweling a tiered cake, approximately 6 to 7 inches in length. Tint your buttercream icing and place in your bag using tip 101, 102, 103 or 104. I start off by... read more

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