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Baby Bum Cake

Posted by PatrysV How to make a Baby Bum Cake List of Materials round sponge cake, 2kg fondant, butter icing to cover cake, rolling pin, pizza cutter Basically you bake a normal sponge cake - about 10 -11 cm (don't how many inches that is) high I then carved it a bit on the side where the blanket goes, so that it slopes down slightly on that side. Then I cut out small, shallow holes (half round) on the sides - where the legs are supposed to go into the body Covered the cake with butter cream and lift onto my cake board. Roll out the white... read more

How to Make a Tiny Gumpaste Baby with a Mold

Posted by smitakasargod This is great for baby shower cakes or cupcakes. You can create a really adorable life-like tiny gumpaste baby using a First Impressions Baby Mold. This project is also commonly referred to as "fondant babies" or "marzipan baby" Click here to buy the baby mold used in this tuorial For the project you will need: Silicone baby mold (click here to order from GlobalSugar White gum paste (fondant works too if used 50/50 with gum paste) X-acto knife/ sharp blade Paint brushes (fine tip and medium tip) Petal dusts... read more

How To Decorate Owl Cookies with Royal Icing

Posted by sweetopia Decorating cookies with royal icing can be a lot of fun, especially if the steps are broken down for you in an easy to follow manner. In the pictorial below, find out how to decorate owl cookies with royal icing. List of Materials NFSC - No Fail Sugar Cookie RecipeAntonia74 - Royal Icing RecipeRound Cookie Cutters - Size of your choiceFood gel colorings - Color palette your choicePiping Tips #2, #67Piping BagsCouplers Once you've baked your cookies and made Antonia74's royal icing you're almost ready to begin decorating. The most important... read more

How to Make a Gumpaste Baby Shoes

Posted by grannys3angels Great idea for baby shower cake topper, or for baby shower cupcakes toppers This baby bootie (baby shoe) pattern is for the right shoe. To make the left show, just flip it over after cutting. List of Materials gumpaste exacto knife cotton balls (optional)   Print out pattern Cut out pattern Lay Baby Shoe Pattern on rolled out gumpaste After cutting out your gumpaste line (A) up with (B) till you get it the way you like. Then pull (C) across and line up with (D) and place in a position that you are pleased with Then... read more

Cute Sheep Cupcakes Tutorial

Posted by TheCakingGirl I recently made these cute sheep cupcake designs for someone’s birthday. But this is a great project for a baby shower too! List of Materials 12 cupcakes fondant (white, green, blue, pink, light yellow, brown, light brown) exacto knife small paintbrush small bowl of water (for applying pieces of fondant together) powdered (for rolling out fondant) black edible marker extruder (optional) These were the only tools I used for these fondant cupcakes. I did switch from the big fondant roller to a smaller one mid way though If... read more

Baby Shower - How to Make a Baby Rump Cake

Posted by susanscakebabies This came about from a cake I made of a baby and my husband liked the baby butt and baby feet so much he thought I needed to post a picture of just that so I did and it was a hit, then I told a customer about it and they loved it so I made a whole cake that highlighted those ever so loved baby feet. Since then it has a been a huge hit and my top selling cake. I have had so many ask for directions I thought it might me helpful to post them with some pics to help out. Thanks for all your interest everyone. Hope you find this... read more

How To Make 3D Goose Shaped Cake

Posted by kakeladi This project is a cute idea and a great place to start if you have never carved a cake before. I've made this goose a couple of times, each time used a different combination of cakes to work with. One could use a 1/2 egg or football shape cake for the body and a small (6" OR 8"?) square to create the head, neck and tail; cut from a 9x13 sheet or even use round layers. Step 1) I had three 9" x 1&1/2" heart cakes to work with. Two layers of heart cakes are stacked - the point of the heart is the tail section.  The 3rd heart is cut... read more

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