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2D Horse head cake.

Posted by jackie0970 Hello everyone. I have made this tutorial for anyone wanting to make a 2D horse head. Showing the stages of how to get the shape, crumb coat, how it looks with fondant on and the finished result. List of Materials square cake tin, knife, edible pen(optional) spatula I used a 10" square cake tin, to get the shape you can either cut with a knife free hand or use an edible marker pen first. Cut the cake in half and fill with a filling of your choice. I used strawberry jam and Swiss meringue butter cream. Apply a crumb coat, then... read more

Quick Hibiscus Tutorial

Posted by MayWest I decided to create this very easy and simple tutorial to demonstrate an easier way (at least for me) of creating this flower rather than doing the petal by petal process and the outcome is just as stunning. Enjoy! List of Materials Rose petal cutter gumpaste ball tool flower veiner flower shaping dish or egg carton floral wire Roll out a piece of gum paste or fondant mixed with tylose and cut with the rose cutter Soften the edges with your ball tool Use a flower veiner to give texture to the petals. If you don't have a veiner you can... read more

How To Transfer Designs Onto Cookies

Posted by sugarkissed_net When decorating cookies, sometimes the design is too complex to pipe directly onto the cookie. Royal icing transfers allow you to trace the design and then apply it to the cookie. No need for a special projector! List of Materials sugar cookies cut into shapes royal icing, ready for piping printed clip art of design transparency sheets shortening Print out the images you want to transfer in the actual size that you want them to be on your cookies. Lightly grease a transparency sheet with Crisco and set the sheet on top of... read more

How to make a rose with a 5 petal cutter

Posted by aine2 Aine2 Shows you how to make a fondant/gumpaste/sugarpaste rose with a 5 petal cutter. Watch and Learn! [youtube id="E4SfgfnzzXk" width="600" height="350"] read more

How to make Spider Mums Sugar Flower

Posted by donnadol Spider mums belongs to the chrysanthemum family. They are also known as football mums in the United States. I've always been fascinated with this flower. They always look good on flower arrangements. This sugar flower is easy to make. Most of the techniques I've used has been used in other sugar flowers. I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I did.   List of Materials Daisy cutters, ball tool, veiner tool, leaf sculpting tool, sharp craft knife, rolling pin, foam pad, scissors, cutting mat, edible glue, florist wires and floral... read more

Easy Fondant in 12 minutes

Posted by Overboard This was adapted from "The Twisted Sisters" recipe. I found it quick, easy and not sticky. List of Materials 16oz Marshmallows 1 Cup of All Vegetable Crisco (the ready made blocks) 2lbs of Powdered Sugar 1 Tablespoon Spatula Smooth board to Knead fondant (I use the backside of a "Rotary Cutting Mat" by Taylor Plastic wrap and freezer bags Place crisco block in mixing bowl Measure out 16oz of Marshmallows (or if you can find the 16oz bags no need) Pour 2lbs of sugar in bowl over your... read more

How to Make a 3D Tank Cake

Posted by Mike_Elder A really simple little sherman tank cake.  Only takes about 45 minutes to make and is really cute.  My nephew loved it and even the turret turns a little. This is a pretty simple, straight forward little cake.  I started with 2 tall 1/2 sheets and a single 5" round. I begin by stacking the 2 half sheets as usual and trim them down a little to the correct shape.  Its a pretty simple shape.  wider at the tracks and of course tapered at the front and sloping to the rear. I find it best to google some reference images before I begin and... read more

Part 2 - Edible Images & Edible Printers - Types of Edible Paper

Posted by Anonymous There are two types of edible “paper” that can be used to print edible images: wafer paper, also know as “edible rice paper,” and frosting sheets which are sometimes called icing sheets. Types of Edible Paper Wafer Paper Wafer paper is a starch-based edible paper. For edible imaging, you will want to use the thin, white flexible form of wafer paper. Edible images printed onto wafer paper will not be as high quality as those printed on frosting sheets making it less suitable for photo cakes. Wafer paper is ideal though for printing things ... read more


Posted by al-tomczak First thing I’m very sorry for my English, but I’m Polish who live in Italy. In a last few days I saw on this web site a lot of different cake insert techniques which I liked very much. So I invented my own! It is very easy and simple, you don’t have to use any complicated tools. I used this techniques when I made a cake for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary, and he was very moved when he saw surprise inside the cake. I hope you will like it as much as I do! List of Materials •Rectangular pan for chocolate mud cake. I used 8 ¾’ x 12’ (21... read more

How to Make a Cowboy Hat Cake

Posted by thecakemaker Step by step instructions for making a cowboy hat . This particular cake was made for a coworker for her 50th birthday First you need to make the brim of your hat as this will take a few days to dry. You can use either fondant or a fondant/gumpaste mixture to make the brim. %AMAZON% I used a real hat brim to make a template. I drew around the brim onto a large gift bag but a shirt box or poster board would work well also I used a real hat brim to make a template. I drew around the brim onto a large gift bag but a shirt box... read more

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