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Rose Bouquet Cupcakes

Posted by Dayyi This is a 13 cupcake rose bouquet cupcake tutorial. Very Simple to make. List of Materials glue gun 4oz plastic cups stapler cake board, 13 cupcakes buttercream icing wrapping paper Step one - five Step six - nine Step ten - 12 read more

Rose Cupcake Bouquet (Using Styrofoam Ball)

Posted by BurnsyJ I recently made a cupcake bouquet with my extra cupcakes for a dessert auction. I had been wanting to try it for quite a while but had no reason to. What I found was that it was easier than I had thought. This makes a great centerpiece for any occasion and the cupcakes easily slide off when it's time for dessert. List of Materials Flower PotStyrofoam ballToothpicksGreen tissue paperFavorite cupcakesFavorite buttercream icing Place the styrofoam ball in the pot and push it down so it's secure. Then slide 2 toothpicks next to each other into... read more

How to Rubber stamp on iced cookies

Posted by niceicing Stamping with food colourings is an easy and effective way to decorate iced cookies. List of Materials Iced Cookies, Food colourings of your choice, Rubber Stamps, Felt Stamp pad, Edible food colouring pens Brushes Have everything you need to hand. Soak the felt stamping pad with your chosen food colouring diluted with food grade Iso- propyl , the solution will have to be quite thick to produce the best imprint. Using a rubber stamp practice stamping onto kitchen paper first to check the ink is the right consistency. Press... read more

How To Make a Fondant Converse Sneaker Shoe - Template & Video

Posted by NovaTrixi [/caption]   read more

How to Make a Little Purse Cake

Posted by mrsmudrash This is a tutorial for a small purse cake made from three 6" round tiers. Each tier is about 3/4" thick making the final cake about 3" thick. You can make this from an 8" round also! I've also done a tutorial on the bow, so you can look that up by my user name or under the tutorial section. The purse is covered in fondant and the black piping, bow and handle are modeling chocolate mixed with a little black fondant. Enjoy! List of Materials fondant, smoothers, modeling chocolate, fondant embosser, exacto knife Stack and fill your cakes.... read more

How To Make A Gumpaste Stargazer Lily (Asian Lily)

  • by Feefs

Posted by Feefs HOW TO MAKE A GUMPASTE STARGAZER LILY (Asian Lily) Photo by Avaie Equipment needed:24/26g wire (white taped) Thin wire (very thin) Thick glue (cellogen/tylose etc) Ground rice/Rice flour - coloured Lily cutter & veiner Mould for drying petals Scalpel / exacto knife Rolling pin Balling tool Buttercup Yellow Luster Dust Orchid Pink Luster Dust Tweezers* note, I use white wire as the petals are quite fine and green would show through. PistolTo start with take a small ball of paste & roll it into a sausage... read more

Save Time Carving A Spiral Cake

Posted by Overboard Somthing I realized when carving my first spiral was that I didn't need an extra cake to make the road. The piece I carved out of my cake could be flipped and used to create that road effect. My cake had 4 different flavors so I wanted each layer to stay the same flavor without baking an extra cake to make my road (I'm pretty frugal and don't like extra work if I can find a shortcut…no pun intended). List of Materials Toothpicks Offset Spatula Very Hot Water Sharp Knife Frozen Crumbcoated cake I used a cake pan to get the curve on top... read more

Step-By-Step 3D Cake Sculpting (Baby in a Flower Pot)

Posted by Anonymous How To Make A Sculpted Cake (Baby in a Flower Pot) By the generous and very talented: Anne Hjelte/WelchSince so many of you seem curious as to how one of these things comes together, I thought you all might enjoy the picture filled journey down the path of a sculpted cake. 1. The preliminary scketch A week before the day of the shower, I started all my prep work.....which included: making the flowers, out of gumpaste *making modeling chocolate and kneading in all the colors I would need *making the umbrella out of... read more

How To Paint Leopard Print on your Cake

Posted by kendra_83 This tutorial shows you how to get the hand-painted leopard print look as seen here and in my cake photos. I’m sure I’m not the first or the only one to do it this way, but after being asked by several people for tips I decided to put my method in writing. Feel free to credit or link to any other tutorials on this subject. List of Materials fondant-covered cake turntable vodka black gel color chocolate brown gel color Super Gold Luster Dust Copper Pearl Dust small, flexible brush wide, flat brush - a fan brush works best two ramekins... read more

Modelling Paste Shoe

Posted by mrsvb78 This is a tutorial I made up for making an edible shoe from Modelling Paste. I make my modelling paste from 250g sugarpaste mixed with 1 tsp gum tragacanth. NB: Leave this to dry for at least 10 days so it really is properly dry and firm. List of Materials shoe (to cut up), modelling paste in your selected colour, craft knife, rolling pin, clingfilm, diamante buckles (optional) 1. Buy a shoe (or pair of course) I had fun searching in the Christmas sales and got this 2. Carefully cut the shoe apart. Keep the front and back of the shoe to... read more

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