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Tulip Cookes

Posted by sugarkissed_net How to make easy tulip sugar cookies with royal icing List of Materials Your favorite sugar cookie recipe Tulip cookie cutter Green and pink royal icing Icing bags or bottles, couplers, and tips (I recommend a #2 tip) Sparkling sugar in green and pink (optional) A clean (used for baking only) small paint brush (optional) A food coloring marker in any color (optional) To start, use a food coloring marker to draw the stem of the flower (or just wing it!). Outline the tulip’s stem with green royal icing using a #2 tip and... read more


  CLASSIC PIANO TUTORIAL By ANA REMÍGIO This was my first attempt at making an elevated piano. I’m sure there may be alternative methods for doing these steps but this was the way that worked for me.     1 - First of all, you need to do the structure to hold the cake. I used two cake boards, a round one for the base ( big and strong enough for the entire cake to sit on), and a rectangular ( thinner) one to cut the piano shape (that will be base for the piano) and the piano bench. Draw the shape of the piano onto the board and using an Xacto knife cut out... read more

Buttercream Ruffle Cake

This is a step by step video tutorial on how to decorate a buttercream ruffle cake.  I really hope you like this video and find it useful.     read more

Teired/Stacked Cake Construction

Posted by Jackie Copyright © 2003-2004 Wilton Industries - All rights reserved Each level of a tiered cake needs dowel rods for support. Tiers that are directly stacked on each other with no separation by plates and pillars should be further stabilized with an additional center dowel rod to prevent shifting. With a pencil sharpener, sharpen one end of a long, wooden dowel rod slightly shorter than height of two tiers. Push sharpened dowel through top tier to cake circle, then, hitting sharply with tack hammer, drive dowel through cake circle to bottom of cake. If... read more

How Make an Ice Cream Cake

Posted by Jackie This recipe is going to be easy ....really. You will have PLENTY of servings if you use a 9x13 (1/4 sheet pan). This will give you a nice proportion of cake vs. Ice cream. Click Here For Our Ice Cream Cake Recipes TO DO: Bake a cake in the sheet pan. Take it out, wrap it up & wash the pan. Now, take the SAME PAN. Line it with several layers of plastic wrap OR a sheet of aluminum foil. LEAVE an overhang of wrap, so that you can use this overhang to help with the unmolding. SOFTEN 1/2 gallon Ice Cream. DO NOT MELT IT. To speed up the softening,... read more

Make a Polka Dot Inside Cake (AKA my Spotty Dotty)

                                      read more

Topsy Turvy Cake Stand Tutorial

Hey Everyone! I have just posted my 2nd ever tutorial! I was sooo stressed trying to figure out how I was going to make this stand when I was presented with the idea and I finally came up with this! I wanted to share in hopes of at least helping one person not to feel like I did when I was scratching my head! Tips and critiques are welcome! Thanks in advance for checking it out! read more


  Hello!! After several requests to do a tutorial for my Mickey & Goofy Car, I finally had some free time and did a gathering of some photos. I have to apolagize, because I thought I had photos from all the step by step, but I don’t. So I did a fast toturial with the main steps, I hope it helps.   THE CAR     1 – Has you can see, the car was free hand sculpt on a chocolate cake and than filled with lemon cream.     2 – I did covered the all cake with cream before covered with sugar paste (no photo). The car hood is a peace of cake covered... read more

Simple Citrus Slice Cookies

Posted by sweetopia These zesty sugar cookies can easily decorated with royal icing. They're fun and easy to make! List of Materials NFSC - No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe (add citrus juice & zest of your choice) Royal Icing (Antonia 74's Recipe) Round Cookie Cutters (size your choice) Piping Bags Couplers Piping Tips (#3) Yellow, Orange & Green Gel Coloring (colors your choice) Toothpick - Outlining – Using a #3 piping tip, outline your cookie with royal icing. I like using a larger piping tip to outline and fill in larger areas, as the 'flooding' goes... read more

How to make a zebra print cake - bonus rainbow coloured background

    Watch how to make this cake here:   read more

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