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How To Create a Frozen Buttercream Transfer

  • by Dawn

Posted by Dawn Frozen buttercream transfer is a method of transferring your art to your frosted cake. You are making a buttercream "plaque" to apply to your cake. It is similar to the more familiar method of transferring a design to a frosted cake with gel on waxed paper, and filling in the design with a star tip. It is also comparable to run-in (flood-work) sugar design work, and it will make a beautiful reproduction of your art in buttercream on small as well as very large cakes.1 Things You Will Need: 1 batch Buttery buttercream Icing ( This is... read more

How To Make Realistic Edible Butterflies for Your Cake

Posted by Jackie   Many wedding cakes, and birthday cakes have butterflies on them that are cloth, or plastic. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make delicate, realistic beautiful butterflies that can be edible, or not to garnish any cake. Butterflies take a few days to make because of all the drying necessary between each step, so its a good idea to make a lot of butterflies at one time, and save them for later. In this exampe I have used Vellum non-edible paper Realistic Butterflies for your cake View our butterfly cake gallery or... read more

How to Make A Gumpaste Shoe

Posted by boonenati This step by step guide will show you how to make a gumpaste shoe Items Required Fondant Rolling pin Gumpaste Americolor food coloring Fondant cutter & embosser Scissors Cardboard Gumpaste Glue Paintbrush Luster dust Pencil Ruler Saran/Glad Wrap Shoe template from galleries   Colour your gumpaste in whatever colour you want to use for the shoe. Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste, and using the sole template cut around it with the fondant cutter. Cut out and fold your support template, using... read more

How to Make a Tiny Gumpaste Baby with a Mold

Posted by smitakasargod This is great for baby shower cakes or cupcakes. You can create a really adorable life-like tiny gumpaste baby using a First Impressions Baby Mold. This project is also commonly referred to as "fondant babies" or "marzipan baby" Click here to buy the baby mold used in this tuorial For the project you will need: Silicone baby mold (click here to order from GlobalSugar White gum paste (fondant works too if used 50/50 with gum paste) X-acto knife/ sharp blade Paint brushes (fine tip and medium tip) Petal dusts... read more

How to Make and Decorate with Marshmallow Fondant MMF

Posted by ntertayneme This is an alternate to the standard fondant recipe. Creates a delish tasting marshmallow fondant that is cheap and easy to make. Ingredients: 1 - 16 oz bag regular or miniature marshmallows 1 - 2 lb bag confectioner's sugar 2 Tablespoons water 2 teaspoons flavoring (I've used vanilla and butavan; both taste really good) Shortening cornstarch 1. Grease your mixing bowl and a pyrex or glass bowl that can be used to melt marshmallows in the microwave. 2. Place 16 oz bag of marshmallows, 2 Tablespoons of water and 2 teaspoons... read more

Giant Cupcake Candy Melt Base

Posted by mrsvb78 This tutorial was made for all those decorators needing help with making a chocolate base for a giant cupcake. It is very easy and so effective and neat, saves trying to get fondant into the grooves and it's smooth and flawless. List of Materials 1 bag candy melts, Wilton Giant cupcake tin, Spatula, 1. Melt 1/4 a bag of candy melts 2. 'paint' a thin layer of chocolate into the cake tin base (I used my finger as it was the easier) 3. Make sure you get into all the grooves and don't have any airbubbles. 4. Put it in the fridge to set for... read more

Edible Lace tutorial

Posted by Carinascupcakes How to create the sugarveil lace look without the mess and stress of using the liquid lace this super easy tuttorial technique created and published by carina bentley of Carina's cupcakes takes you start to finish to acheiving the lace look with a lace embossing mat superwhite and fondant.the quickest easiest lace look around List of Materials lightly treated coloured fondant a sugarveil/lace embossing mat 78mm disc cutter Sugarflair Superwhite flat edged wide tipped paintbrush rolling pin rejuvanator paint... read more

Cake Pop Problems & Tutorial

Posted by dipmeinchocolate Have you made cake pops? Were they a complete disaster? Yeah, me too. Seriously. We've all burned the heck out of our chocolate, lost a cake ball off the stick, had our perfectly good cake pops crack 5 minutes later and begin leaking weird stuff out everywhere! It's sooo frustrating! Don't worry though, it gets better. But let me save you some time and sugar with a few tips...! List of Materials 1 cake mix (+ required ingredients) 2 (16 oz.) packages CandiQuik Candy Coating (vanilla or chocolate) 8 oz. cake frosting lollipop... read more

How To Make A Pillow Cake

Posted by missyek [featuredcakes] Pillow cakes are such a neat design and are actually pretty simple to make. In this tutorial I'm going to show how to do a square pillow cake with curved sides as opposed to the straight sides. If you would like to do a pillow with just straight sides, just omit the steps that cut the curves out of the cake. Cutting curves into the cake does reduce the cake size a bit (but if your family likes cake scraps, then you are okay!). Don't restrict yourself to square cakes either! Pillow cakes can easily be made out of almost any shape... read more

Quick & Easy Smooth Icing Using a Roller (Melvira Method)

Posted by Melvira Before and After using the Melvira roller smoothing method on your buttercream frosted cake The “Melvira Method” is intended to help you create a perfectly smooth icing surface on your cake, ideal for decorating. To complete this method you will need to purchase a high-density foam roller at your local hardware or paint supply store.Most discount stores do not carry the high-density foam, please insure that you purchase the high-density foam roller refill heads or you will be left with a ‘spackle-like’ texture on your icing. The rollers... read more

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