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How to Make Gelatin Bubbles

Posted by sweetflowers Step by Step Instructions for making Gelatin Bubbles List of Materials Water Balloons unflavored gelatin forceps or tweezers duct tape slotted plastic plate (or styrofoam) small craft paintbrush luster dust (any color) Small microwave safe bowl Gelatin mixture: 2 parts cold water to 1 part unflavored gelatin (like Knox). Start by putting your cold water into a microwave safe bowl. Add a little luster dust, the amount will depend on how translucent you want your bubble, I normally did about 1/8 tsp or less. Food color can also... read more

How To Get Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Icing

Posted by tutugirl This tutorial shows you step by step how to frost your cake in buttercream icing, and smooth it to a perfect finish. Commonly referred to as the "VIVA Paper Towel Method" After so many of you asking how I do it here it is.... List of Materials VIVA® Brand Paper Towels (will not work with other quilted brands)Decorating Tip #1818 inch Icing BagAngled SpatulaFondant Smoother (aka fondant paddle)VERY HOT Water With a tip 18 and an 18 inch bag pipe up and down the side of prepared crumb coated cake Continue all the way around the cake.... read more

Sketching with SugarVeil

Posted by emilyg In a similar fashion as 'Brush Embroidery', you can create sketch-like effects with SugarVeil Icing. List of Materials SugarVeil Icing Icing Dispenser, parchment cone, or piping bag fitted with small tip Flat toothpick parchment paper (greased) 1. Start with a simple flower design outlined with frilled edges. 2. Mix SugarVeil Icing as directed. After mixed, stir in a few drops of additional water to use in the SugarVeil Icing Dispenser. Place cartridge over mixture and, using plunger, fill cartridge 2/3 full with the icing. Here's... read more

Upside Down Icing Technique for Perfectly Smooth Icing

Posted by Jeff_Arnett This technique works best with an icing containing at least one-third butter, but can be done with an all shortening icing with slight modifications in the chilling steps. 1. To begin with, there are some tools I consider "must have" items: A Turntable A Spackling Knife [from a hardware store] 2. Trace the outline of the pan [top side down] onto a sturdy surface, such as a piece of foamcore, cardboard, or for a more permanent use, masonite. 3. Cover the outline with a piece of parchment paper... read more

How to Make a Decorated Swiss Roll Cake

Posted by brigittatw i saw this swiss rolls on the internet and try it my self ( its not my idea, i found some pics on japanese websites) you can also use it on top of a round cake or square. very nice when they donnot eat or may eat marzipan or rollfondant. List of Materials spongecake batter food coloringbaking sheet and baking paperfreezer and ovenpiping bottle of bagsfilling ( i used mocha creme ) spray cooking spray on your baking sheet and put your bakingpaper on it . put uncolored spongecake batter in a piping bag or bottle and put some tips... read more

How To Make a Topsy-Turvy Whimsical Cake

Posted by Jackie   This cake style is often referred to as "mad hatter cake", topsy-turvy cake, whimsical cake, titled cake, or slanted cakes. This technique is a fun optical illusion that makes your cake appear topsy-turvy. Cake By: tonedna I finally got an interesting project to demo and a working camera all at the same time. People ask me all the time how I do the topsy-turvy Mad Hatter ish cakes on my site and how on earth I get them to the customer site without a disaster. I know there are lots of folks out there doing lopsided cakes and using... read more

How to Bake Hearts inside a cake

Posted by Jackie How to put an image inside a cake so each piece cut is the same. List of Materials baked cake the color you want inside, shaped cutter, baking nail, raw mix. Cut small wedges, one at a time as needed, out of your baked colored cake. I am using a heart cutter. You want your pieces to be in a wedge shape so they will fit TIGHTLY together. Here are all my pieces cut out ready to go. This pink cade was baked in a 7" x 3" pan so that it would fit in an 8" x 3" pan for the second baking. Now I have placed a little bit of cake batter in the... read more

How To Make a "Tangled" Tower Cake (Rapunzel)

  • by IvaB

Posted by IvaB Got a chance to make the tower again, so I decided to make a step by step tutorial. Hope you enjoy it! List of Materials Fondant, colors, kitchen towel, knife, roller Cut out a cardboard circle, put a doll inside to check the size Cover it with fondant Rol out fondant make the wall Put a circle of water for the wall Stick the wall on our circle Take the kitchen towel for the tower Cover it with fondant Make small balls of grey fondant and put custer sugar on them so they would not stick... read more

How to Make Hanging Icicles on Your Cake

    How To Make Hanging Icicles as seen on the cover of Cake Central Magazine December 2012 V3/I11 by Cakeabilitygreen             Equipment required Cake stand of adequate height Measuring tape Straight edge Textured impliment to create ice effect Regular fondant icing (mine is British type I know Americans use a different recipe and how different it handles I don’t know) Silver dusting powder Glitter sugar crystals       Step 1 Start by taking your iced cake and positioning it on your chosen cake... read more

How To Create a Frozen Buttercream Transfer

  • by Dawn

Posted by Dawn Frozen buttercream transfer is a method of transferring your art to your frosted cake. You are making a buttercream "plaque" to apply to your cake. It is similar to the more familiar method of transferring a design to a frosted cake with gel on waxed paper, and filling in the design with a star tip. It is also comparable to run-in (flood-work) sugar design work, and it will make a beautiful reproduction of your art in buttercream on small as well as very large cakes.1 Things You Will Need: 1 batch Buttery buttercream Icing ( This is... read more

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