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Edible stamens for cupcake flowers

Hot water Food color rice noodles/sticks sugar dissolved in water (optional) Mix all ingredients and allow to sit for an hour to allow the color to set. Drain all the liquid. Lay the noodle on a sheet  of wax paper placed in a tray and allow to dry for a couple of days. When completely dry store in an air tight container. Break of pieces and insert with royal icing. Tiny bits can be crushed to use as pollen.                   read more

Yoda Star Wars Cookies

Instead of using royal icing transfers to make these Yoda Star Wars cookies, I traced the outline of the characters onto the first layer of royal icing once it dried. I printed out templates from clip art that I found online, cut out the templates, and then used a toothpick to gently scratch the outlines onto the dried icing. Then, I just filled in each section of icing one at a time, waiting for the icing to dry in between sections. Yoda's facial features are drawn on with a black food coloring marker.     read more

Easy Papaya Cutout Flowers

Just soak the dried papaya for about 15 minutes before cutting.     And Stick 'em on something!       That's it!   read more

Stained Glass Effect Cake Tutorial

   After seeing the amazing stained glass effect cakes by people like Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen and Vinism Sugar Art, I decided I wanted to have a go and put my own spin on it. Hopefully it will inspire you to do your own. Just warning you all now, I like to explain things in great detail so skip over anything you know.   Background-Tips to help you Start This Project   Decide on your cake theme based on your inspirations and the occasion if any, mine was a stained glass effect wedding cake with flowers, but it could be... read more

Buttercream Roses - The Wilton Method

Posted by Anonymous Flowers are certainly the most traditional and most admired way to top a cake. Roses are the most impressive, beautiful and popular of all icing flowers. A rose is created in a number of steps. [swfobj src=""] instructions Step 1 Make the rose base, using tip 12 and Flower Nail #7. Hold the bag straight up, the end of tip 12 slightly above the center of your waxed paper-covered flower nail, which is held in your other hand. Using firm and steady... read more

Lightning McQueen Cars Cake Topper Tutorial

Describe 'Lightning McQueen Cars Cake Topper Tutorial' here Detailed pictures are on the blog. Make a car cake by following these step-by-step instructions. Inspired by Lightning McQueen from the Disney Movie "Cars". Make your kid's birthday cake special. A cake topper shaped into a car is an easy do-it-yourself project that will delight anyone who sees it. I am not a trained cake decorator. I am a mom learning how to make cakes with fondant. Each year for each... read more

How To Make Royal Icing (that won't dry rock hard)

    There is one thing every cookier needs in their arsenal... a favorite royal icing recipe. The royal icing recipe that I'm sharing with you today is my favorite because it is not only yummy (of course!) but it is the perfect texture. There is a not-so-secret ingredient that allows the icing to harden enough for stacking and shipping while remaining soft on the inside. No more biting into a beautifully decorated cookie and cringing because the icing is rock hard!   Begin by using a whisk to mix 5 tablespoons of meringue powder and 3/4 teaspoon of cream of... read more

How to make a zebra print cake - bonus rainbow coloured background

    Watch how to make this cake here:   read more

3D Stegosaurus Dinosaur cake - Complete tutorial

  Watch the video to learn how to make this 3D Stegosaurus Dinosaur cake  read more

Fondant OWL tutorial...

  How to make fondant OWL   The steps are so simple that even kids can make this owl… :-) Just follow the steps as shown in the picture. Use edible ink for eye lashes and eye ball.For beak, just make a cone and cut the tip using a knife. For feet, make a small round shape fondant and cut into half. Now, on each half, make 3 cuts using a knife. Owl’s head and body was attached using a tooth pick and melted white chocolate. Decorate as you wish.. Owl is ready… Twit twit twoooooo … Enjoy !!!             -- read more

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