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Mickey Mouse cake tutorial VIDEO

I hope you will like this great Mickey Mouse cake tutorial read more

How to make Chocolate Clay Rose (picture tutorial)

      read more

Henna Peacock Cookie Tutorial

      Visit my YouTube channel to see how I made these, for more details such as templates & supplies you'll find that on my blog.   read more

Octonauts - Paso Tutorial

    This might just be a British thing, but here goes....enjoy!   Would love to see some comments about this, feel free to add them using comments systems on website :) x read more

Barney Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial for those wanting to try making Barney:) I did this for a cake I had a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun sharing how I did barney:) Enjoy!         You can visit my facebook page for more:) read more

how to make free hand GARDEINA'S ! read more

Patriotic eagle cake

      This cake would be perfect for either Memorial day or 4th of July celebrations, video tutorial here:     Here are all the tip numbers used for the project.       read more

How to bake a Curly Cookie

      Hi guys, thank you for reading my tutorial on how to bake curly cookies. Long story short..I love curly anything. I have a range of Swirly Cakes to prove it :) But Swirly Cookies already existed, so I needed a new name and boyfriend came up with Curly Cookie. I love it! It took a couple of tries to get it right but so far I am pretty happy. We (ppl from the Netherlands) celebrate mothersday the second sunday in may, so mom, these are for you! Haha Luckily she does not come here haha! Anyways, here you go, enjoy and I hope you like it!   Use any kind of... read more


    LIST OF MATERIAL gum paste or fondant with CMC royal icing dummy cake plastic foil alcohol gold dust paint pearl dust paint spray gold paint LIST OF TOOLS Baroque Wilton Mold small daisy mold or gem mold pins centimeter square line pen or ballpen brushes          Create your own personal patern using Wilton Baroque Mlod. Then measure one... read more

Edible stamens for cupcake flowers

Hot water Food color rice noodles/sticks sugar dissolved in water (optional) Mix all ingredients and allow to sit for an hour to allow the color to set. Drain all the liquid. Lay the noodle on a sheet  of wax paper placed in a tray and allow to dry for a couple of days. When completely dry store in an air tight container. Break of pieces and insert with royal icing. Tiny bits can be crushed to use as pollen.                   read more

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