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Wedding Dress Cupcake Pull Apart

Hello, this is my first tutorial so please be gentle! lol I've seen a lot of the Wedding dress cupcakes and I thought I'd give a complete tutorial since I didn't find a lot of detailed info.   So, here goes:   You need:   27 cupcakes (more or less depending upon the size of your board cake board (I used a 14" x 19" board) something to cover your board instead of leaving it stark white a double batch of your fav buttercream recipe (color of your choice) 1M tip with pastry bag fondant rose or other embellishment   I found a great... read more

Topsy Turvy Cake Stand Tutorial

Hey Everyone! I have just posted my 2nd ever tutorial! I was sooo stressed trying to figure out how I was going to make this stand when I was presented with the idea and I finally came up with this! I wanted to share in hopes of at least helping one person not to feel like I did when I was scratching my head! Tips and critiques are welcome! Thanks in advance for checking it out! read more

4th of July Cookies

        Happy 4th of July! This is a really fast, easy and last minute really sweet idea to celebrate this day! I thought I´d share anyways since the week is not over yet.                 Here are the 3 ideas I could think of: Materials I used: Red, white and blue icing. In a 15 second consistency. I use a Royal Mix for this small proyects. Big star cookie cutter. Black food marker. Small star with tale cookie cutter. And a rectangular cookie cutter, of just do what I did,... read more

Hello Kitty Cookies

    I remember when I was a little kid, I use to be obsessed with Sanrio stuff, but the characters that caught my eye more most the times would be: Keroppi, Pochacco, Chococat, Pekkle, Spottie Dottie, Badtz-Maru, Kiki & Lala, and of course, Hello Kitty herself.   We didn´t have a Sanrio Store nearby so every time we made the trip to the mall with the Sanrio store on it, I would go crazy, wanting to buy a ton of stuff: Pens, Pencils, notebooks, stickers, pencil boxes and a lot more stuff. My parents were so so SO nice to buy me most the stuff I... read more

Woodland themed party treats - 3D owl cake, 3D mushroom cookies & 3D stump cupcakes

    Three complete video tutorials!! Watch how to easily make these adorable desserts.       read more

Pikachu Buttercream Transfer

  Pikachu Buttercream Transfer         If you liked my tutorial, check out my youtube channel with more tutorials on it and lots more to come! >>>  read more

Homer Simpson Buttercream Transfer

  Homer Simpson Buttercream Transfer =   If you like this tutorial, check out my youtube channel with some more tutorials and lots more to come  >>>  read more

Little baby boots tupper tutorial <3

Sharing our first tutorial, we made it a while ago!  This cute Baby booties are perfect for baby showers !!!   read more

Easy exploding cake topper

It's not easy to bake AND decorate a pretty cake after a long day at work, I create my tutorials with working moms hectic schedule as a major consideration. My simplified version will allow you to make the topper days in advance keeping you stress free while still impressing your guests.   read more

Cupcake tupper tutorial

  This cute, little cupcakes are perfect to add a little extra fun to any cupcake!!! read more

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