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Castle Paining 101

    Hello again!  This is a quick tutorial on how to paint a Styrofoam castle.  After spending a lot of time painting the castle WRONG I decided someone might benefit from this and save themselves hours of time!  I received my first castle cake order a couple of weeks ago and was excited to try this design out.   First thing first: order the castle topper. I found a nice selection of castle toppers at CalJava Online:  For this I ordered Castle #8.  Make sure to charge your client accordingly as the castle itself is about... read more

Paint Palette Cookies

If you are planning a cookie decorating party you may want to check out my tutorial, the kids can use only water to paint their cookies.     Thanks for watching, Marlyn Montreal Confections read more

PVC structure for cakes

    I am still a new cake artist, and am far from perfect. I had an order for a children’s birthday party, in which the customer wanted a 3D character from a popular children’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I searched all over Cakesdecor and CC, as well as on the web, and was not able tyo find very many tutorials, let alone info on how to build PVC armature. I found a premade armature set on Caljava, but for $90.. well, that’s a tad expensive. I studied the structure, and went to my local hardware store and purchased all of the items I needed. For this particular cake, here are... read more

TURBO tutorial

  • by mizz

Hi, My name is Mirian, I'm a full time mum and I started baking at home, and to celebrate my 100 likes on facebook I made a tutorial on TURBO. Hope it can be somehow helpful to any of you. Thank you , Facebook/CreateNBake read more

Tim Burton Inspired gum paste teddy bear tutorial

In light of my recent work with Cakenweenie, the Tim Burton collaboration. I found myself watching a lot of Tim Burton movies during the creative process. This experience filled me with the desire to try my hand at designing my own Tim Burton inspired gum paste teddy bear. Well, not only did I create one, I filmed a tutorial on how to make your very own. I love how he turned out.......drop DEAD cute ; ) I shall call him......Stitches Stay Sweet! Andrea read more

How to frost a cake with ganache the upside down way (my way)

Hi Lovelies!!!! Sharing with y’all this video tutorial I made on how I frost my cakes with ganache the upside down way (my way). You will need 2 same size acrylic circles, 2 cake boards, a turntable, a palette knife, offset spatula, container with very hot water, clean dist towel/cheese cloth to wipe the excess water off your scraper, engineer’s square, scraper, prepared ganache, crumb coated cake, one round parchment paper with the same diameter as the acrylic circles and scotch tape. Below is an example of a cake that was frosted the upside down way (my... read more

Mini Cakes - Picture Tutorial!

  More tutorials at:   Making a mini cake can be painstakingly tedious.  Here is a quick picture tutorial on how to use cupcakes (instead of cookie cutters) to get your mini cake layers.  If you have an questions please comment or ask any questions!     read more

Nemo Caketopper tutorial

                                                                          read more

Miniature Converse Tutorial

The link to this tutorial is also on my Facebook page, Fifi's Cakes :       These measured under 2" in length. Made with modelling paste which I make using a mixture of Flower Paste (home made - see my notes for the recipe) and normal shop bought fondant. As with all modelling, water is lightly brushed on as adhesive and kitchen roll is used to support shapes as they dry.   I don't know who the original author is of the shapes as I found it on the net... read more

Nemo cake topper

This is a Nemo cake topper I made for a Nemo's cake. Instead of doing it with rice krispies, I baked a 7" x 3" round cake (you could do a square if you want), and I just carved the cake to give Nemo's shape. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of all the process, but I will explain it as much as I can    How I did it...steps:   1st- I cut the cake in a tear drop shape. I used some of the cuttings to make Nemo's round shape head on top. (this is where the round cake worked for me, because I used the round edge to place it on top of the head). Then I crumb coated the... read more

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