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Ice Cream Cone Trees (Great for Christmas Cakes!)

Posted by Jackie     These little trees are great for cupcake toppers, gingerbread houses, or just a fun activity to do with the kids for the holidays.   Items Needed Ice Cream Cones Piping Bag (or parchment triangles) Star Tip, or leaf tip  Medium Consistency Royal Icing, or Crusting Buttercream Green Food Coloring (we used forest green and leaf green) Dragees / Sprinkles for Decoration     Step 1 start with an ice cream cone that has a flat top edge, and that is the desired size of the final tree   Step 2 Using... read more

How to Make a 3D Turkey Cake

Posted by MrsMissey     It is that time of year again and I am getting quite a few requests for the directions for my roasted turkey.   I baked the following: 1 x 9x13 cake 1 x half egg (the large one) cake 8 mini egg half cakes   I started out by putting the 9 x 13 on a regular turkey serving plate for effect but you don't have to! Place your large egg shaped cake (round side up) and put on top of the 9 x 13 cake, with icing in between to hold in place. I didn't use any dowels or any support. Carve the 9 x 13 to match the shape of the... read more

How to Bake Hearts inside a cake

Posted by Jackie How to put an image inside a cake so each piece cut is the same. List of Materials baked cake the color you want inside, shaped cutter, baking nail, raw mix. Cut small wedges, one at a time as needed, out of your baked colored cake. I am using a heart cutter. You want your pieces to be in a wedge shape so they will fit TIGHTLY together. Here are all my pieces cut out ready to go. This pink cade was baked in a 7" x 3" pan so that it would fit in an 8" x 3" pan for the second baking. Now I have placed a little bit of cake batter in the... read more

How To make Spider Cake Pops with Webs

Posted by sugarkissed_net There’s something about Halloween treats that are extra fun. Maybe it’s the fact that normally scary and ugly things can be turned super cute. Maybe it’s the fact that the whole holiday centers around sugar and sweets. Whatever it is, I hope these spider cake pops make it on to your list of Halloween treats to make this season! List of Materials Orange and green M&Ms and shoe string candy Dark brown or black and white melted chocolate White gel food coloring, black food coloring marker Start by making your cake balls and chilling... read more

Horse Tutorial

Posted by not_the_cake_boss How to Make a Horse Head Cake List of Materials Your favorite cake recipe, fondant, buttercream, piping gel, white icing color,stitching tool, extractor I drew out the shape of the head on paper for the template. Then iced it in buttercream. Cut shaped out of cake to create depth. Iced the added pieces. Adding pieces of fondant for definition. Cover with fondant. Roll fondant for the eyes and paint them with piping gel. Add a spot of white icing color to the center of the eye. Paint stripe down the front of the... read more

Save Time Carving A Spiral Cake

Posted by Overboard Somthing I realized when carving my first spiral was that I didn't need an extra cake to make the road. The piece I carved out of my cake could be flipped and used to create that road effect. My cake had 4 different flavors so I wanted each layer to stay the same flavor without baking an extra cake to make my road (I'm pretty frugal and don't like extra work if I can find a shortcut…no pun intended). List of Materials Toothpicks Offset Spatula Very Hot Water Sharp Knife Frozen Crumbcoated cake I used a cake pan to get the curve on top... read more

Edible Lace tutorial

Posted by Carinascupcakes How to create the sugarveil lace look without the mess and stress of using the liquid lace this super easy tuttorial technique created and published by carina bentley of Carina's cupcakes takes you start to finish to acheiving the lace look with a lace embossing mat superwhite and fondant.the quickest easiest lace look around List of Materials lightly treated coloured fondant a sugarveil/lace embossing mat 78mm disc cutter Sugarflair Superwhite flat edged wide tipped paintbrush rolling pin rejuvanator paint... read more

How To Make Multi-Colored Cookie Press Flowers

Posted by sugarkissed_net Those of you that are cookie nerds and gadget lovers need a cookie press! A cookie press is basically a dough gun. You fill the barrel with dough, pull the trigger, and (presto!) dough lands on your cookie sheet in a custom shape. Easy-peasey!   List of Materials Cookie Press Spritz Cookie Dough Pink, Orange, and Yellow Food Coloring Use a recipe specifically designed for a cookie press. Cookie presses require a certain consistency dough that can be pushed through a stencil (or disc) and stick to the cookie sheet. I used... read more

How To Transfer Designs Onto Cookies

Posted by sugarkissed_net When decorating cookies, sometimes the design is too complex to pipe directly onto the cookie. Royal icing transfers allow you to trace the design and then apply it to the cookie. No need for a special projector! List of Materials sugar cookies cut into shapes royal icing, ready for piping printed clip art of design transparency sheets shortening Print out the images you want to transfer in the actual size that you want them to be on your cookies. Lightly grease a transparency sheet with Crisco and set the sheet on top of... read more

How To Make a "Tangled" Tower Cake (Rapunzel)

  • by IvaB

Posted by IvaB Got a chance to make the tower again, so I decided to make a step by step tutorial. Hope you enjoy it! List of Materials Fondant, colors, kitchen towel, knife, roller Cut out a cardboard circle, put a doll inside to check the size Cover it with fondant Rol out fondant make the wall Put a circle of water for the wall Stick the wall on our circle Take the kitchen towel for the tower Cover it with fondant Make small balls of grey fondant and put custer sugar on them so they would not stick... read more

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