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Small ruffle rose

    You need: some sugarpaste paint brush Garret frill cutter knife rolling pin edible glue (water will also work) ruffling tool Please note you do not need a cel board, I was just too lazy to swap over to my other board I use to roll things out on!   Roll your sugar paste fairly thin, it doesn't need to be extremely thin, if you leave it a little thick you will get a slightly bigger flower   Use your cutter to cut out the shape, then remove the inner circle   Use your ruffle tool to thin out the scalloped edges, theres... read more

Simple Sugar Flower Tutorial

Describe 'Simple Sugar Flower Tutorial' here This is a really easy to make flower. No cutters needed. Easy flower to start learning with step-by-step picture tutorial. My Sugar Flowers giveaway is still open until 4/28/13. You will need: Gum paste wires (I used white wrapped wires the ones from Walmart) tooth pick pointy tool or use like a pen scissors pliers optional: green and pink color dust or shimmer stamens (I used store bought) You can make the stamens your self. To... read more

Cupcake decoration with stencils

Easy use of stencils.. no butter cream .. no royal icing .. just dust color and edible glitter. :) Simple, elegant and just perfect :)       Best regards Edita read more

EASY Plants vs. Zombies Cake

  This was the first time I've attempted to use fondant.  I thought things might be a whole lot easier if I used rice krispy treats as a base.  I packed in the treats pretty well.  Some posts suggested crushing the rice krispy, to keep the base from falling apart.  Mine stayed together just fine without doing that and the treats were still edible.       I made some vanilla butter cream to smooth over the treats to ensure that the fondant will lay smoothly.  I didn't want to have to move the cake once completed and decided to decorate it right on the... read more

How To Make Sprinkles At Home

I’m excited to share with you an unbelievably easy way to make sprinkles at home. Not only is this a fun do-it-yourself kitchen project, but it’s a great way to save a trip to the store when you don’t have sprinkles on hand (or when you don’t feel like getting our of your pajamas).   To make sprinkles at home, you will need: Royal icing made from your favorite royal icing recipe Gel food coloring Piping bags, couplers, and #2 piping tips Wax paper A sharp knife   Add water to your royal icing (a tiny bit... read more


  CLASSIC PIANO TUTORIAL By ANA REMÍGIO This was my first attempt at making an elevated piano. I’m sure there may be alternative methods for doing these steps but this was the way that worked for me.     1 - First of all, you need to do the structure to hold the cake. I used two cake boards, a round one for the base ( big and strong enough for the entire cake to sit on), and a rectangular ( thinner) one to cut the piano shape (that will be base for the piano) and the piano bench. Draw the shape of the piano onto the board and using an Xacto knife cut out... read more


  Hello!! After several requests to do a tutorial for my Mickey & Goofy Car, I finally had some free time and did a gathering of some photos. I have to apolagize, because I thought I had photos from all the step by step, but I don’t. So I did a fast toturial with the main steps, I hope it helps.   THE CAR     1 – Has you can see, the car was free hand sculpt on a chocolate cake and than filled with lemon cream.     2 – I did covered the all cake with cream before covered with sugar paste (no photo). The car hood is a peace of cake covered... read more

How to make a Mini Taco Cakes

  So how did I do it? Start preparing the “Taco Shells” a day or days ahead the cake is needed. (Since I can only work on cakes at night due to my regular work – I prepared the “Taco Shells” 3 days ahead). TACO SHELLS – My first question I had was what do I use to make the shells? I’ve seen two versions – one using a Cookie Dough and another using melted choco-melts. They are both great but not what I had in mind. I’d like it to look like a real hard taco shells. I also wanted to prepare the shells ahead of time. So I decided to use fondant with a little bit of... read more

How to Make Hanging Icicles on Your Cake

    How To Make Hanging Icicles as seen on the cover of Cake Central Magazine December 2012 V3/I11 by Cakeabilitygreen             Equipment required Cake stand of adequate height Measuring tape Straight edge Textured impliment to create ice effect Regular fondant icing (mine is British type I know Americans use a different recipe and how different it handles I don’t know) Silver dusting powder Glitter sugar crystals       Step 1 Start by taking your iced cake and positioning it on your chosen cake... read more

How to make a Knitted Sweater Cake with collar and bow

  How to make a Knitted Sweater Cake with collar and bow Great idea for Ugly Sweater Themed Holiday Cakes! by lanana     Knitted Sweater Cake This is a different version of my Polo shirt cake. My mom and I saw a cake like this from Colette Peters, as usual my mom (who doesn't know anything about cakes ) told me: This is Crazy loops all the way !!! (SHE IS A VISIONARY), We tried the effect and it actualy worked. So, This is the first time I ever make this cake, so there are some mistakes I would change for sure. lucky you,  I am the one who is giving it... read more

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