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Super Hero Cake Pops

    Supplies for Super Hero Cake Pops To make Super Hero Cake Pops you will need: • Cake pops on sticks, made from your favorite cake pop recipe • Blue candy melts • Red soft eating liquorice or Fruit Roll Ups • Red disco dust • Meringue powder • A small, food-safe paint brush • A styrofoam block or cake pop stand     How to Make Super Hero Cake Pops   Start by cutting your Fruit Roll Ups or liquorice into the shapes of super hero capes and chest emblems. Fold the narrower edge of the cape upward so that it will attach to your cake... read more

How to make an Eiffel Tower

    Hello Everyone,   This is my very first time making a tutorial so please forgive any common mistakes that I might make. If you have any questions please inbox me.    So I wanted to make an Eiffel Tower but I didn't have the time to make it out of RI. I found a few tutorials online on how to make it out of RI but nothing about gum paste. I knew that making it out of gum paste and RKT would be more stable for transportation especially since the delivery was in the bumpy streets of NY. We'll I tried by best and here is the ending... read more

Ruffled Fondant Flower

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10 Quick and Easy steps to making a perfectly beautiful 3D figures by Karen Fernando

10 Quick and Easy steps to making  perfectly beautiful 3D figures using only Fondant, Modeling Chocolate, Corn Starch and Gumpaste By Karen Fernando of Royal Aidan Cakes   Please review the attached document                                              read more

Calendar Cookies Video Tutorial

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Gerbera or African Tutorial

  My mom's favorite flower is Daisy so I decided to make for her birthday a Daisy cake & try different & new (for me) things. Like Powder Milk Fondant & Paint on the cake, so here is a lil bit of the fabricating of it. Hope you enjoy. :)   I made the Powder Milk Fondant & colored in 4 different colors. Here it is with the tools you will need. The Biggest cutter was only used to imprint the cake to paint.     I started rolling the fondant with the pink bands but then toke it off to roller thinner then 1/16 in   Cut a Medium flower   Release... read more

Mickey Mouse cake tutorial VIDEO

I hope you will like this great Mickey Mouse cake tutorial read more

How to make Chocolate Clay Rose (picture tutorial)

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Henna Peacock Cookie Tutorial

      Visit my YouTube channel to see how I made these, for more details such as templates & supplies you'll find that on my blog.   read more

Octonauts - Paso Tutorial

    This might just be a British thing, but here goes....enjoy!   Would love to see some comments about this, feel free to add them using comments systems on website :) x read more

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