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Mini Cakes - Picture Tutorial!

  More tutorials at:   Making a mini cake can be painstakingly tedious.  Here is a quick picture tutorial on how to use cupcakes (instead of cookie cutters) to get your mini cake layers.  If you have an questions please comment or ask any questions!     read more

Nemo Caketopper tutorial

                                                                          read more

Miniature Converse Tutorial

The link to this tutorial is also on my Facebook page, Fifi's Cakes :       These measured under 2" in length. Made with modelling paste which I make using a mixture of Flower Paste (home made - see my notes for the recipe) and normal shop bought fondant. As with all modelling, water is lightly brushed on as adhesive and kitchen roll is used to support shapes as they dry.   I don't know who the original author is of the shapes as I found it on the net... read more

Nemo cake topper

This is a Nemo cake topper I made for a Nemo's cake. Instead of doing it with rice krispies, I baked a 7" x 3" round cake (you could do a square if you want), and I just carved the cake to give Nemo's shape. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of all the process, but I will explain it as much as I can    How I did it...steps:   1st- I cut the cake in a tear drop shape. I used some of the cuttings to make Nemo's round shape head on top. (this is where the round cake worked for me, because I used the round edge to place it on top of the head). Then I crumb coated the... read more

Castle Paining 101

    Hello again!  This is a quick tutorial on how to paint a Styrofoam castle.  After spending a lot of time painting the castle WRONG I decided someone might benefit from this and save themselves hours of time!  I received my first castle cake order a couple of weeks ago and was excited to try this design out.   First thing first: order the castle topper. I found a nice selection of castle toppers at CalJava Online:  For this I ordered Castle #8.  Make sure to charge your client accordingly as the castle itself is about... read more

How to do Petit Fours...My Way

So as promised, here is a tutorial on how I do petit fours.   I know I'm a freak for enjoying making these, but maybe because I've made a million, have my system & technique and they come out perfect every time.    First please read all of my steps to absorb it all.   Maybe read it again if you are the slightest confused.     Then go buy a cheap Sarah Lee pound cake to practice with.    I usually do 2 dozen at a time of all the same flavor.  I had to make 3 flavors this time which is not typical..Lemon, Regular & Chocolate.   Here is the final... read more

Level a Cake!

Cake leveling tutorial from our blog! Find more at: Level A Cake!   Cake leveling is a big part of cake decorating.  If your cake is not well leveled it will look unbalanced and if tiered it will probably loose it's balance!!  While there a number of techniques out there here is what I have found myself doing over the years: Materials: Baked Cake Edible Marker Cake Lifter Level slicer for layers           How to Level a Cake:   1.  Bake it:  Fill your cake pan 1/2... read more

Little boat (Thun style) read more

Mandala sugar cookies - with glazed paint effect

read more

How to Make a Rosette Cake

More at:   I was first asked to make a rosette cake by Ramona, owner of Simple Country Weddings.  She had a vision of a beautiful yet simple cake for todays contemporary bride.  After making one for her open house this design has become one of our most requested wedding cake styles. Here is a tutorial on how to make a rosette and how to put it all together.   Make sure to practice your rosette before getting ready to make them on your cake.  But if you mess up don't worry!  Just scrap it out and do it again!... read more

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