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Cake Baking - Flower Nail Method Tutorial

Posted by rezzygirl Just a quick demo to show what the flower nail method looks like. This method is an alternative to using "bake even strips" for a cake that requires less to no leveling after baking. Hope this is helpful. 1. Spray flower nail with non-stick spray 2. Place nail in the center of pan, touching the  bottom. Bake as usual 3.  Remove from oven. Cover top with cake board or sheet pan and flip entire cake pan over 4. after flipping over the cake pan, nail pops out making it easy to remove. read more

How To Make Chocolate Cigarellos (Nati's Way)

Posted by boonenati This is the cheater's way of doing choc cigarettes, it's time consuming but it's foolproof, and after many failed attempts at real ones, im going to settle for these :D Items Required Scissors Acetate Non toxic marker (suitable for writing on plastic) Bowl Hot water Pot Chocolate Sticky tape Spatula or flat knife Hobby knife Spoon Before starting on this you will need to cut up your acetate. I had really large sheets of acetate for this project so I cut it up in this way. They were all cut even because i wanted to ensure all the cigarettes... read more

How To Make an Image Icing Plaque

Posted by boween You will need the following things: -Edible Image Printer - Piping Gel -Gumpaste -Fondant -Lollipop sticks or Popsicle sticks TIP: Lisa has put together a 3-Part "How To" Primer on Printing edible images Choose your image and resize it properly on your computer Print out your image using your edible image printer Cut out your image [Image after being cut out] Roll out a mixture of 50% Gumpast / 50% Fondant (MMF is not recommended) Remove Backing from image Lightly... read more

How To Make a Fondant Fairy

  • by Liis

Posted by Liis Learn to make an adorable little fondant fairy and gumpaste pink fairy with step by step photos and instructions You need to color your fondant mass first to get all the colors you need. For the skin color I use little ivory and soft pink. Make enough for hands legs and head. FAIRY 1 (Pink Fairy) Choose your dress, accessory and hair color and prepare the fondant. If you don’t have  mold for the face make one from gumpaste and dry it for  few days Mold for the face is made from this doll. Prepare the plate or a base for your figure.... read more

How To Make a Purse Cake

Posted by briansbaker This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a cake shaped like a purse Items required: Fondant cutter & Embosser Fondant Rolling Pin Ruler Serrated Knife Viva Paper Towel Crusting Buttercream Bake a sheet cake 11x15 and cut into 1/3 Stack your pieces on top of one another.. Here I have the wooden dowels showing, so you will know where to place them at.. But you will push them down through the cake, so that they dont show. Side View of the Purse Cake Here I have crumb coated the cake in Crusting Buttercream, then... read more

How To Make Fondant Swags

Posted by Tamanna The stp-by-step article will show you how to create fondant swags on your cake. This is most popular with wedding cakes and anniversary cake. Items required: 3 to 4 wooden skewers (knitting needles or chop sticks) Small rolling pin Fondant Gumpaste Garland Marker (optional) Mix together equal amounts of fondant and gumpaste and let stand for 1 hour. Make equal markings on cake covered with fondant. To get the best results, use a garland marker. Roll out small amount of fondant-gumpaste using very little powdered sugar and... read more

Part 1 - Edible Images & Edible Printers

Posted by Anonymous There was a time when only professional bakeries could afford the technology to create edible images. Now even cake decorating hobbyists can print edible images at home using their own computer and their own printer with the only expense being the edible ink and paper. In this introduction to edible imaging, you’ll learn how to create your own edible images including how to set up, use and maintain your own edible imaging system. Lisa’s Tips: Creative Uses for Edible Images Edible images aren’t just for photo cakes. You’ll find new and ... read more

Part 2 - Edible Images & Edible Printers - Types of Edible Paper

Posted by Anonymous There are two types of edible “paper” that can be used to print edible images: wafer paper, also know as “edible rice paper,” and frosting sheets which are sometimes called icing sheets. Types of Edible Paper Wafer Paper Wafer paper is a starch-based edible paper. For edible imaging, you will want to use the thin, white flexible form of wafer paper. Edible images printed onto wafer paper will not be as high quality as those printed on frosting sheets making it less suitable for photo cakes. Wafer paper is ideal though for printing things ... read more

Part 3 - Edible Images & Edible Printers - Troubleshooting

Posted by Anonymous This chapter of edible printing tips covers troubleshooting your edible printer, frosting sheets and more Printer/Print Quality Problems There are horizontal lines or streaks across my image. Certain colors are not printing or are not printing correctly. My image is printing off the frosting sheet. My printer tries to print but no ink is coming out. Experiencing poor print quality in general. I’m experiencing a problem with my printer not mentioned above. There are horizontal lines or streaks across my image. Horizontal lines or streaks... read more

How to Make a Contemporary Basketweave (Martha's New Basketweave)

Posted by KittisKakes This is a method of creating a unique effect in buttercream icing. Alrighty boys and girls! I gave it a try. Now remember, this was my first try, so ya'll be nice!! I actually iced the cake yesterday and didn't get to it until today. So, the icing had crusted over real well and was not chilled. DH didn't know I was gonna practice on it, so there's a piece missing, just less space to work with. It wasn't as tall as I would have liked, but I think it was enough. Items Needed: Sharp knife (make sure the knife is not serrated) Cup... read more

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