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Bow Cake Tutorial

This is a step by step video tutorial to show you all the techniques and tools that I used to create a 7 inch bow cake. From making the individual bow sections, to putting it all together on top of the cake. I really hope you like this tutorial and find it useful.     read more

Halloween Cute Crow tutorial

Make your own cute (not so scary) crow for on a childrens Halloween cake with this step by step       read more

Buttercream Ruffle Cake

This is a step by step video tutorial on how to decorate a buttercream ruffle cake.  I really hope you like this video and find it useful.     read more

Little fox tutorial

Make your own little fox with this step by step       read more

Penguin Tutorial

Make your own penguins for a winter holiday cake with this step by step.     read more

Halloween Bats Cookies

Halloween Bat Cookies Materials: Cookies!! (bat shape) Black edible marker Black Royal Icing (Bat body and wings) Black Royal Icing (thinned with water --> wings) White royal Icing (Bat eyes) Flat brushes Round tip #2 Sugar     Step1: Make a draft of your cookie Step 2: Outline your cookie using a black edible marker Step 3: Outline your cookie using a thin and flat brush and the "watery" royal icing Step 4: Color the wings using a thicker brush and the same "watery" royal icing. Let them dry for 20 minutes. Step 5: Pipe the body and outline the... read more

David Austin Rose by Gulnaz Mitchell (heavenlycakes4you). Easy, quick and inexpensive, using mostly 2 round cutters

You can find this tutorial on         read more

Snake Cake Tutorial

  **The only step not captured was when I used a plastic webbing material to make the scales impression on the fondant. I tried using avocado and lemon bags, as has been suggested by others, but found the impression wasn't deep enough, or just didn't work well with my marshmallow fondant, but then I found some firmer mesh material at Whole Foods (at the fish counter of all places-- they gave me a clean/new piece of the mesh they sit the fish on in the display case!)  I rubbed the impression onto the fondant after it was on the cake, since I knew I'd never be able... read more

Make a Polka Dot Inside Cake (AKA my Spotty Dotty)

                                      read more


So, more or less the same as the previous tutorial, a very simple cupcake tutorial, I’m using only pictures for this one too, hope they all speak for themselves. Hope you find it useful. TFL xxx     read more

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