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White Chocolate Sour Cream Ganache


Posted by ycknits

I've seen comments in forum entries about how to make white chocolate ganache using sour cream instead of whipping cream. I searched every which way, but could not come up with the ratio. So, after digging around on the web and finding small quantity recipes, here is what I came up with for a larger batch. It doesn't even require measuring the ingredients. I prefer this recipe to standard white chocolate ganache because it is not so sweet (and so delicious that you will want to eat it with a spoon!)


Amount Ingredient
1 2-lb white chocolate bar (I prefer King Arthur's)
1 1-lb container cultured sour cream (full fat)


Break the white chocolate bar into chunks and microwave on full power for several minutes, stirring after every minute or so. Stop microwaving when there are still some unmelted chunks of chocolate. Stir the warm melted chocolate until it is smooth with no lumps. Then stir in the container of sour cream, mixing until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Let it sit overnight at room temperature before using or store in the refrigerator and warm to the desired consistency before applying to your cake. This also freezes very well and can be thawed in the microwave.

Comments (11)

Have you tried it under fondant?
Could you use a double-boiler instead and melt all chunks until smooth?
Under fondant.... yes. But I usually put a layer of buttercream between the ganache and fondant.... just a personal preference. You can absolutely use a double boiler to melt the chocolate. I'm sure it's the preferred way to melt the chocolate. I'm just to lazy :)
No concern about leaving this at room temp overnight?
No problem leaving it out overnight or longer.
I'm a beginner, so I'm just trying to get this right...I've heard, if milk is used in buttercream, it needs to be refrigerated so it doesn't spoil, right? that not the same for sour cream in ganache because you say you can leave it out overnight? TIA :)
Sorry VKakes... long time since I checked this posting. You can get directly to an individual by sending them a PM (private message), which goes directly to their e-mail. Buttercream does not have to be refrigerated, even though it contains milk and butter. Because of the extremely high sugar content, the dairy products become "shelf-stable." American buttercream is the icing of choice for many decorators because it does NOT have to be refrigerated. That being said, it doesn't stand up well to high heat and humidity, which is why many decorators use fondant.... especially when it's hot and humid. When I use ganache, I prefer to keep the cake at least cool if not refrigerated. You do not need to worry about it spoiling if it is used within a couple of days (after decorating). When I store it, I do so in the refrigerator or freezer, and then microwave it to bring it to the right consistency for spreading.
Thank you so much for this "less sweet" ganache recipe. I will definitely try this. It sounds delicious!
Sounds delicious! Thank you.
Do you know if it sets as hard as the regular white chocolate-cream combo with a 3:1 ratio? Cheers.
I used this recipe as a filling for my son's wedding cake - it's amazing and SO easy.  My new favourite cake filling.
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