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Wacky Cake (egg free)

This is a very easy chocolate cake! Not to mention that it is really moist and not annoyingly sweet. It's also great for people who prefer not to have eggs in their cake.

Wacky Cake (egg free)


  • 1 1/2 cup Flour 1t Baking Soda 3T Cocoa 1 cup Sugar 1t Salt 1T Vinegar 5T Veggie Oil 1t Vanilla 1 cup Water


Mix the Drys. Add the liquids. Entertain the Kiddies with the bubbles (vinegar and baking soda). Mix really well on a lower speed to avoid too many bubbles. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min or until fully cooked. Great Grandma said it was okay to eat for breakfast with a scoop of Poor Man's Frosting on's got to be okay right?

Comments (4)

It was so funny to see this recipe. My girls just made this last night from a book called "For Good Measure a cookbook for children," published in 1978. The title of the cake is the same. I guess grandma used the same recipe.
I wouldn't doubt it! How funny I will have to tell my grandmother.
This Cake is so delicious. I can't believe this recipe is on here. I got this one from my 82 yr old Aunt.
I remember making this recipe as a Kid - and the bubbles always amazed me~
Cake Central › Recipes › Wacky Cake (egg free)