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Topsy Turvy Cake Stand Tutorial


Hey Everyone! I have just posted my 2nd ever tutorial! I was sooo stressed trying to figure out how I was going to make this stand when I was presented with the idea and I finally came up with this! I wanted to share in hopes of at least helping one person not to feel like I did when I was scratching my head! Tips and critiques are welcome! Thanks in advance for checking it out!

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Awesome job you must be the McGiver in the cake biz. Its very unique and creative.
What a great project! Thank you for the illustrations on FB. What would be the possibility of some pics of just the stand assembled, without the cakes, so that how the plates and PVC pieces stack properly?
Thank you guys! As soon as my materials are returned from this cake, I will work on taking a picture of the bare stand!
your cake is wonderful too
That's pretty cool, good work
Very nice thanks for sharing
Cake Central › Tutorials › Topsy Turvy Cake Stand Tutorial