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Toba Garrett's Glace' Icing

Toba Garrett's Glace' Icing


  • 1 lb. confectioners' sugar 3/8 cup milk 3/8 cup light corn syrup flavoring as desired


  1. In a mixing bowl, mix the sugar and milk first. Add corn syrup just until combined.
  2. Divide to flavor and add color.

Comments (17)

What is your favorite flavoring to use in this icing?
what do i use to thin the icing out if it is to thick
I've always used Loran's bavarian cream in this recipe and have had rave reviews.
Does this harden like royal icing? I am looking for an icing similar to "cookie bouquet" icing - something between royal and BC....... any suggestions?
Hi! I use this glace, but at the next day, whitish sptos/mapping appears on the cookie... Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a way to solve it? Thank you!
put some americolor white or wilton white in the icing before you add your color. It will help with the cloudy or spotty appearance.
does this harden like royal icing???
This gets firm and stackable, but not rock-hard like RI. I think it tastes much better than RI and is a pleasure to bite through on a cookie.
What is the best way to store the leftover Toba Glace icing? Does it need to be refridgerated? Thanks in advance.
how much flavoring
I put a teaspoon of clear vanilla in mine -- maybe a bit more if I'm going to be using a lot of soft gel paste in order to achieve a bright or dark color. Store it in the fridge if you make it with milk. Can also be made with water in lieu of milk. I have the same problem as bienhelmosa -- white spots and mapping. I've tried the Wilton white before coloring to no available. I even took a class with Toba Garrett and asked her about it. She said she had never heard of anyone having hat problem which was a little surprising because it happens to me almost every time I make a batch. Any other thoughts? Thanks.
any clue what could be substituted for corn syrup in the UK?
Peanuts_mum, I believe we can use Golden Syrup instead.
About how long does it take to harden? Also I wonder if the white spots are from ps that stuck together ? Maybe try sifting first?
I give it a day before I stack the cookies, but it's fairly hard within a few hours if you want it thinner, add more corn syrup and if you want it thicker, add more sugar
About how much icing does this make? Im only planning on icing about 2 dozen cup cakes with a few decorations... will this be enough or plenty?
If you're in the UK then a better replacement for corn syrup is liquid glucose, available from the home baking aisle in Tesco etc. It's better than golden syrup, because golden syrup has a distinctive taste, plus it's not clear so its colour will affect the colour of the icing unless additional colouring is added to mask it.
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