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Swiss Chocolate Cake

This is a delicious chocolate cake! Very moist. And always a huge hit whenever it's served. This is the most requested cake at our family get-togethers!


  • 1 Swiss Chocolate Cake Mix 1 small Vanilla Instant Pudding 1 1/2 c Buttermilk 1 c Oil 3 eggs Frosting: 16 oz. Cool Whip 4 or more grated Hershey Bars 8 oz. Cream Cheese, soft 1 c Powdered Sugar 1/2 c Sugar


Mix ingredients for cake and bake until done at 350. I do three layers at 8 or 9 inches round. Mix frosting ingredients until fluffy and thoroughly mixed. Put a generous amount of frosting between each layer and, of course, on top and sides. Refrigerate until served.

Comments (11)

Can you just double this without changing the recipe?
do you add the pudding mix in to the cake mix
Hi, Does anyone have a really good recipe for moist vanilla and chocolate cakes that don't include box mixes or puddings?
I've never doubled this recipe myself, so I'm not sure. And yes, you just mix all the ingredients together.
Hi... what brand of cake mix has swiss chocolate? Thanks
Duncan Hines has swiss chocolate.
Hi! I double this recipe. It taste good, but it too moist for my taste. I like moist, but this is MOIST. Good recipe though. Perhaps it would be better if I tried it next time with a single recipe and not double it. Thanks for sharing!
Good recipe overall but I had to tweek it alot. Walmart didn't have swiss cake mix so I used devil's food and therefore completely changed the essense of the cake but I figured it was the closest thing. Also I must have butchered the icing recipe unless it was made to run a little so I used it as a filling instead. but somehow it turned out to be a pretty good cake!
Looks great ... question... do you use low-fat buttermilk, or whole buttermilk? I find that really makes a difference in the turnout. Thanks for sharing!
I used regular buttermilk, no low fat! ;) And the icing is not very firm at all, but it should have enough to it to not drip off the cake. This cake is super moist.
Do you mean vegetable oil?
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